Waste sustainability and environmental protection

Waste sustainability and environmental protection

Douala Cameroon and Nicosia Cyprus, CameroonDouala, Cameroon
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Geranthi Ltd. is a start-up business venture located in Cameroon and Cyprus. The entity intends to build a sustainable business that will deliver biomass energy to consumers and discourage burning of industrial and agricultural waste. Environmental pollution is one of the major concerns worldwide.

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Environmental pollution, waste burning and waste disposal are one of the major concerns worldwide because it affects the local ecology of a country. Agricultural and industrial waste has been a problem to the environment now for decates and we believe that a sustainable community manages its economic, human, and natural resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

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Geranthi Ltd. will be utilizing industrial and agricultural waste to manufacture its products. There are many companies involved in dumping toxic waste material that could harm the environment. Geranthi’s aim is to stop industrial waste that can destroy the environment. In order to achieve this, we will collect waste to produce biomass products such as pellets and briquettes, generating clean sources of energy and helping to protect the planet. The waste materials will be grinded in pieces and heated to have the moisture content <16% after this process is done, it will then pass through a special pellet and briquette machine were the compression of the waste materials are then turn to pellets and briquettes that can be use to generate heat.
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The entity will provide biomass energy without any negative environmental impact. Geranthi is well-aware of its corporate social responsibility. The company will incorporate environmental and social priorities into its business decisions, in order to follow the path to becoming more sustainable. All of our products will be produced with waste materials to meet the eco-friendly standard. Biomass fuels produce virtually no sulfur emissions and help mitigate acid rain. Biomass fuels "recycle" atmospheric carbon, minimizing global warming impacts since zero "net" carbon dioxide is emitted during biomass combustion, i.e. the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is equal to the amount absorbed from the atmosphere during the biomass growth phase.

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Nishant Bioenergy P Ltd is addressing almost the same problem but we have alot of differences approaching the problems of sustainability and environmental waste. Nishant is working on a relative small scale and concentrates only on the forest. However, Geranthi Ltd is working on an international scale. Inaddition, Geranthi is not only on forestry waste but also on agricultural and industryial waste such as cartons, saw dust and rice husk..etc. In the other hand, Terra Pellet is concern only with organic waste while Geranthi is using all types of industrial and agricultural waste to make pellet
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Geranthi Ltd.
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Geranthi Ltd.

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, LIT, Douala

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, LIT, Douala Cameroon and Nicosia Cyprus

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Less than a year

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Living in a country and community were many timbers and agricultural companies operate, I have always seen these companies burning their waste and destroying the natural environment in which we all live in. However, being very concern about the environment and creating a sustainable world I thought of means that I can use to stop these burning of all industrial and agricultural waste and turning those waste into heat energy that can be use for heating in houses and in industries without harming the natural environment for the future generation.
Furthermore, I came to realize that agricultural and timber waste such as rice husk, saw dust, wood chunks, corn cobs, waste cartons and groundnut husk can be use in producing pellets and briquett.

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The target market for Geranthi would be consumers who need pellets for heating energy. However exports will be made to different regions like Europe, America, Canada, Asia and Africa. An online service, will promote our name on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Videos of our services will also be uploaded on these mediums, which will prove to be as effective as the digital advertisement. We will make use of different B2B marketplaces like Ali Baba and Trade Key in order to promote our company name.

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Geranthi Ltd is a start-up partnership business seeking for funds that will be used for meeting startup expenses. Geranthi will target many different households, businesses, and industries. The consumption of biomass continues to rise as a source of energy in around the world. By the year 2025, it is expected to reach a volume of 1,387.04 mtoe. The annual consumption of biomass energy has risen substantially in the recent past internationally.
Growth of Biomass Consumption Worldwide (mtoe)
Source: IEA & Exxon Mobil
The table illustrates that in 2009 the worldwide biomass consumption was 1,235.00 mtoe. The growth rate observed in 2010 was 0.4%, which served to drive up the consumption to 1,235.73 mtoe.
IEA, accessed 8th Oct 2013,
Exxon Mobil, accessed 8th Oct 2013, http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/files

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Njah Gerald Agwo and Anthoula Thrasyvoulou are the owners of the company. We both have the requisite experience and knowledge that will be crucial to the successful development of Geranthi Ltd. The customers can place orders 24/7 online at our website, Alibaba, Tradekay, Facebook and video portal. We will promote our services through every possible channel that could help us spread the word around the world and build a strong brand name. The high media weight and publicity will make it possible to reach new markets. If funded or given a prize money, we will bank this money into the company's account to show to funders or interested shareholders that the company has started and its is seeking for more funds to achieve it goals and mission.

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Geranthi Ltd Operating in two geographical locations in terms of production, which are Cameroon and Cyprus making benefits for the business. However, excess raw materials and few competitors in the industry that are generating clean energy. The company can focus on delivering its potential at the cheapest price without fearing competitors. Low cost labor is an important component for business due to increase of unemployment in both countries.

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I have always been dedicated to leadership and an entrepreneur dreams. I am a final year student at the University of Nicosia Cyprus studying Public relation advertising and marketing where I serve as a personal adviser to the president of African students. I have also been a member of one of the winning teams that participated in a project competition that was brought to the University of Nicosia by a chain of entertainment stores called Public.