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WI-FIlles: Because Girls Can

Pantin, Montreuil, Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Noisy-le-Sec, Saint-Denis, FrancePantin, Montreuil, Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Noisy-le-Sec, Saint-Denis
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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WI-FIlles is an innovative program, working to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors. With support from public and private partners, WI-FIlles works to educate, inspire, and equip Junior high and high school girls, from deprived areas, with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields. WI-Filles program intends to fight against stereotypes and promote scientific careers.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The origin of this project, an observation: too few girls in computer and technical courses either in short training courses or engineering training schools. Although they are the majority among college graduates , women are underrepresented in scientific professions. Promote the interest of women in scientific professions is an engine of productivity and innovation in the southern countries as in industrialized ones. Between shots, censorship, and difficulties in reconciling family life, how to better inform and educate girls to the use of new technologies and scientific careers? Numerous studies and research on the subject shows that the simple awareness of girls , mostly high school is not enough to reverse the trend.

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WI-FIlles is designed to educate, inspire and equip junior high girls with the skills and ressources to pursue academics and careers in the technology and engineering sectors. WI-FIlles model presents an innovative approach to computer science education, paring hours of intensive instruction with high-touch mentorship and exposure led by the industry's top female engineers and entrepreneurs. In its signature program, WI-Filles embed rising girls to get hands-on experience in computing concepts, programming fundamentals, mobil phone development, robotics, web development and design, and algorithms. Project-based curricular modules allow participants to build products and develop innovative solutions designed to inspire an interest in.
Impact: How does it Work

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After only six three hours workshops, (once per week), which only three of them were on the mastery of social networks and social media, participants did not hesitate to interview many women scientists, at an Scientific event at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research , on march, 19th, 2014. Concluding the day with an interview with Ms. Minister of Higher Education and Research (Genevieve Fioraso) with their smartphones. Following the program, many WI-FIlles alumnae returned to their schools to start WI-FIlles Clubs. They are recruiting other young girls by wowing them with their newfound skills. After two months training, WI-FIlles alumni wishing to participate in the creation of a summer Immersion program to go further.

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To allow other regions the establishment of a local Wi-girls program, we will in the coming weeks to organize a Scientific and Teaching Committee to constitute a complete methodological booklet (Summer Immersion Program curriculum) Volunteer committee members are from the business companies, the world of education and civil society. FACE 93 wants to be a logisitic and educational support to all institutions or communities in the implementation of the program. To overcome the lack of business computing and digital industry that may exist in certain territories, FACE 93 wish to fund field trips to headquarters of industry companies. But also equip with computer hardware, tablets, clubs that have needs. Our vision Initiate WI-FIlles Clubs throughout France and why not Europe. The model can be built on monthly project-based activities and curricular objectives.

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Unlike many initiatives that have been deployed to fight against stereotypes in the world of STEM and IT in particular, we are few to offer a program that combines awareness and actual practice led by professionnals for girls from deprived areas. The future of our country's economy clearly pointed to an increasing reliance on technical professionals and our businesses were facing a shortage of qualified workers. Moreover, those who currently held this jobs were decidedly male and not enough females were coming forward to apply despite the fact that women are the majority of the workforce. with our national well-being at stake and the potential to empower a generation of young women for some of the most lucrative careers of our time on the table, we reached a decision : it was time to inspire girls to pursue technology and equip them with the skills and confidence to do so successfully.


FACE Seine-Saint-Denis is a player in the Territorial Social Responsibility and as such, has a long history of co-management actions and devices with multiple partners, both public and private institutions (businesses). This procedure is actually part of the DNA of the club FACE 93. To change attitudes in depth, there is provided an awareness of all actors equal Woman - Man. The project will also support the creation of a network of mentorship. Schoolgirls attending WI-FIlles program are mentored by women business collaborators. They will turn their godmothers as well in upcoming promotions. The involvement of teachers and principals of schools in the implementation of the activity, is an asset for future years. Finally for to ensure a strong social impact, we will hold a final event where all participants's educational community stakeholders will be invited, so as all our partners.