Rediscovery Value Empathy

Rediscovery Value Empathy

South Korea
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for profit
$100,000 - $250,000
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noridan’s core values is “Revive the discarded” and “Change the world doing what you love.” The first statement, “Revive the discarded,” entails creating and providing new values and opportunities by revitalizing body, nature, culture, life, talent and experience. The second statement, “Change the world doing what you love,” implies that youth can become changemakers themselves by creatively forming social relationships, designing sustainable social energy and spreading such change to other communities.
Across the subjects of arts and culture, youth, and social enterprise, noridan has continued to approach the problems that arise within each individual subject and also in between subjects with an entirely new perspective, striving to innovate over and over again.

About Project

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Guro-gu (“gu” – district) and Mapo-gu of Seoul and Busan, the city in southeastern tip of Korea, are the main communities that noridan is engaged in currently. We work closely with these communities on the issues of youth, art & culture and intercultural life. Guro-gu Guro is a digital industrial complex is located in western part of Seoul. The Guro Digital Industrial Complex has been rapidly changed into an IT industrial complex. This complex played a pivotal role in the economic growth of the country. And at the same time, Guro area is populated largely by migrant workers and intercultural families, who are considered as neglected social groups. Guro-gu has unique hierarchical structure. noridan took some creative measures to revitalize the ailing community. We built our office under an abandoned bridge as a part of city regeneration project. We held three community festivals in two years in the effort of create community atmosphere. Programs of festival programs were designed to satisfy a variety of individual needs from participating in art & culture activies ranging from performances to workshops. Mapo-gu (AKA Hongdae) Hongdae is an area well known for its entertainment and art & culture scenes in Mapo-gu, which is in northwest of Seoul, South Korea. Mapo-gu is one of the city's trendiest districts that attract the local young adult population. While there is a wide variety of artistic experiments in the area, people in the area are usually experiencing fragmentation that detaches individuals from each other and from the rest of the society. In 2009, we started a project called “Mapo is a University,” a learning community that involves anyone who is interested teaching and learning in a friendly community environment. Busan-City Busan, officially Busan Metropolitan City, is South Korea's second largest metropolis after Seoul. With its workforce shrinking due to economic downturn, Busan’s youth unemployment problem has become very serious recently. noridan is working with various organizations and communities in the effort of lauching Busan’s own version of noridan. Above all Busan noridan's created jobs for 10-15 people(they are youth living in Busan.), Performance and workshops are going to be led by thier from next month. -Busan International Kids' Film Festival -Art&Culture Camp

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•Presenting Innovative Cases That Connect Culture Marketing and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) By establishing marketing partnerships with large corporations and general businesses, noridan will forge a new kind of relationship between social enterprise and private enterprise. By offering examples of cooperative culture marketing that break away from the mold of hand-outs and assistance, noridan will achieve social innovation while expanding the sphere of influence for social change. •Diversification of Fusion Business Models Since the launch of dalog in 2010, noridan’s business model has been moving forward from integration to amalgamation. By vertically and horizontally realigning the existing business in performance, education, and design, and by strengthening cross platform synching, we will produce a variety of both concrete and abstract goods and services that generate and provide new social functions and values. •The Launch of “noridan Japan” Hits its Stride, and noridan Moves Toward Greater Asia! After actively networking with Japan for the past three years, noridan is now ready to start preparations in earnest for the creation of Japan’s own version of noridan in Tokyo and Yokohama. noridan Japan will work very closely with noridan Korea in issues facing young people today, and will cooperate on finding sustainable social business models and organizational models that offer creative solutions for underdeveloped parts of Asia.
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Performance Expanding from the idea of “hearing” music to “seeing” music through the fusion of music and visual art and encouraging the audience to participate rather than just watch, noridan met 200,000 audiences in theatres and streets through 150 performances, turning every performance into a participatory event one for the audience as well as the performers. In 2011, noridan will launch its fusion performance with the new objet that makes media technology both visual and audible, and will take this project across the regions and borders carrying its artistic inspiration and vitalizing energy with each of its performances filled with human warmth, imagination, and fantasy. Education All education and training programs that noridan proposes have their roots in the philosophy of creativity, bonding and rediscovery. Stimulating the imagination through curiosity, noridan’s education encourages working together in resolving problems that affect everyone. noridan’s pedagogy incorporates diverse resources and tools from discarded trash the human body, games, media arts, and experimental media. noridan aims to communicate with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, and develops and manages education and training programs, angled towards diverse organizations and enterprises. Design noridan defines “design” as something that connects, something that creates change. We expand the possible applications of design from visible forms such as musical instruments, playground, and stage/space to invisible forms such as media, service, software, and community. By developing new areas of design methodology, we aim to pioneer the field of social service design that can offer comprehensive solutions for communities and cultures. R&D noridan is going forward with the diverse groups of R&D projects in order to increase our capacity of content production, respond to recent changes, and create innovative social value. In 2010, noridan conducted a research project commissioned by public agencies such as the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Seoul Development Institute. We also co-led the effort for the interdisciplinary consolidation of the academic fields of the humanities, design, and science & technology in cooperation with Seoul National University, Korea National University of Arts and others through academic-industrial cooperation. The result of such R&D projects is a variety of arts & culture contents that become the main engine fueling the goal of sustainable community business that noridan aims to achieve.
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In June of 2004, noridan was founded as a self-employment project by a songwriter, a stage actress and a producer along with eight teenagers, who all came from diverse backgrounds in arts and culture. noridan’s initial mottos were "Everyone can perform" and "Anything can be a musical instrument." noridan’s founding philosophy, which innovatively combines technology, the humanities, and youth, has presented an integrated business model that unites different fields and genres: performance, workshop, and design.

PS : Please understand this. Our company name is marked 'noridan', not 'Noridan'.

Social Impact
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1. Hiring status
Out of 86 noridan emplyees, 45(52%) are in their teens and 20s. For 40% of those teens and twenty-somethings, noridan is their first emplyer. Diversty in member' ages and educational backgrounds form creative synergy and provides a basis for the sustainable development of noridan. (2010)

noridan’s growth in hiring
-2010 Total No. 86
-2009 Total No. 73
-2008 Total No. 63
-2007 Total No. 29
-2006 Total No. 27
-2005 Total No. 20
-2004 Total No. 11

2. Financial condition (2010)
-Total capital 200 million (KRW)
-Total gross income 2010 2.25 billion (KRW)

3. noridan 2009 SROI(Social Return On Investment)
noridan was selected as one of the most successful social enterprises in Korea (and the only enterprise in art & culture industry to be picked) by the Korean government and was selected as a case study for SROI conducted by the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of KAIST Business School, one of the most prestigious business in the nation. SROI shows tangible and intangible social values created by noridan for 2009 measured in monetary value.

The results of the SROI Study as follows :
1)Decrease in social loss due to youth unemployment in area of employment 12,822(USD)
2)Increased opportunity of culture contact in area of social services 1,072,137(USD)
-Provision of reduced priced tickets to low-income households
-Offering performances free of charge to the culturally disadvantaged
-Provision of arts education at reduced cost
-Provision of arts education free of charge (operated by donations)
-Provision of misc. services at reduced cost

How many people have been impacted by your project?

More than 10,000

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

For the past seven years, noridan has been developing its business by integrating performance, education and design on a single platform. In performance, we will expand our repertoire to include new forms of entertainment such as theatre art, street performance, parade performance, etc. both indoors and outdoors. This expanding is not limited to part of performance.

dalog, a new media enterprise brand, is pioneering the field of social service design while strengthening its expertise in production technology. New kinds of fusion contents are developed through the combination of analog and digital technologies. The experience, principles and philosophy of these contents will be shared with the diverse groups of beneficiaries.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Because social funding or social investment is still new in South Korea, getting sufficient amount of investment funds remains as a challenge and a hardship for noridan.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have several levels of partners depending on the areas of businesses. Key stakeholders are as follows:

-Local Governments
-Public Institutions
-Local Residents

-Ministry of Employment & Labor, Seoul Metropolitan Government
-seed:s (social enterprise support organization), Work Together Foundation

-Yonsei University, Haja center

Explain your selections

noridan’s has been funded by Ministry of Employment and Labor during the past three years (2008-2010). By funding personnel expenses, we expanded more aggressively in hiring. Many community businesses of noridan are establishing ties with the region's universities and local governments. noridan also has teamed up with Haja center, which donated an office space to us for the past seven years.
Key Stakeholders

-Central & Local Government
Ministry of Employment and Labor
Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
Guro Foundation for Arts and Culture
Busan Prevention and Cure Center for Gambling
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Haja Center

Incheon International Airport Corporation
Korea Land and Housing Corporation
KIAMotors HwasungAutomotivePlant

-Public Institutions / Foundations
Korean Educational Development Institute
Korea arts & culture education service
Work Together Foundation
Seoul National University
Korea National University of Arts

Clairmont Business School
Peter Drucker Institute
Japan SVP(Social Venture Partners)
Japan Foundation

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

2011 : developing new media performance formatting technology entrusted by government-affiliated organization(Korean Creative Content Agency)
2011-2012 : creative performance in MICE-Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions- Industry(2012 International Dinosaur Exposition)
2011-2013 : developing new business model connected with CSR of multinational corporations(Incheon International Airport government corporation)

Which barriers to employment does your innovation address?
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Other (Specify Below)


Lack of efficiency


Need for regulatory/policy support

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Our primary barrier is difficulty in attracting social investment funds. Counter plan to overcome barrier is building process for creating value through improving job performance of noridan's employees. For greater efficiency, we've created a team within our organization that is wholly responsible for developing new businesses, pilot goods and services as well as supplying the needs of those business items, doing the “platform thinking.”. And through several years of building international networks in the field of performance, noridan built strong ties with various communities and organizations. Some of noridan's founders are in the process of moving to each region where noridan has built close ties with in order to replicate the business model of noridan in various regions within Korea.

Are you trying to scale your organization or initiative?
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Grown geographic reach: Global


Repurposed your model for other sectors/development needs

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

Following Mapo(2009) and Guro(2010), community business continues to thrive and most definitely thrive even more in the future. Some of noridan’s leaders and members will move their bases of livelihood into different local communities, committing themselves to work on building local infrastructure, discovering young talents. This work will be done in cooperation with the community while creating social business models and making new versions of noridan with the community’s youth. After networking with Japan for the past 3 years, noridan is now ready to start preparations in earnest for the creation of Japan’s own version in Tokyo, Yokohama. Currently, we are in the process of launching an intercultural choir, which involves singers from diverse cultural backgrounds within community.

Do you collaborate with any of the following: (Check all that apply)

Government, NGOs/Nonprofits, For profit companies, Academia/universities.

If yes, how have these collaborations helped your innovation to succeed?

We have worked with all partners mentioned above with new business models as the results of such collaborations. Partners of collaboration is seed:s, a leading social enterprise support organization in Korea, Incheon International Airport Corporation, and the Bucheon Culture Foundation.
Recently, Incheon International Airport Corporation entrusted noridan to establish an intercultural choir. The intercultural choir will make its contents fusing various forms of arts and many cultures that the singers will represent and more. This will become a social enterprise as well through funding from Incheon International Airport Corporation. The Bucheon culture foundation is offering one of its property to be used as our headquarter office.