The revolutionary 14-In-One, for creating income generating opportunities, and improve life of BOP

The revolutionary 14-In-One, for creating income generating opportunities, and improve life of BOP

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Powered with UNDP award , targeting rural communities who suffer of poverty, hunger unemployment, water contamination, and seek food preservation facilities, we announce a new era of superior solar powered multifunctional , all-In-One systems the first and the only that are specifically tailored for the poor and can serve up to 14 functions cooking, backing , sterilizing distilling, heating water and drying , smoking, disinfecting crops, with a social impact , improving health due to availability of safe water and increase in food security , generating local prosperity. and empowering poor’s productivity particularly women by offering jobs , ,and low cost sustainable income generating opportunities, while conserve the environment.

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Locally Green Energy targets the 5000 Egyptian villages, and specifically the 1.7 millions who live in the desert reclaimed lands., Globally potential need is in emerging markets where BOP hold $ 5 trillion in purchasing power, 1.4 billion consume contaminated water and 3 billion seek food preservation facilities. Green energy products based on and tailored to suit and serve those who have been left behind at base of the economic pyramid where women have to spend most of the day in collecting scarce fuel wood , seek time to generate income ,we target poor who are forced to drink from mud holes and water related diseases sap their ability to work, where small scale subsistence farmers suffer of poverty and hunger , search about a chance to compete in the market, a job or a low income generation opportunity, and live in isolated communities with no storage, preservation or transportation facilities ,those who have to harvest their produce in rainy season, or humid regions where weather does not cooperate, and over production than local market can absorb leads to up to 50 % loss of their produce, we target those whom existing technologies failed to help them , proved inefficiency and impracticability. We will best understand, anticipate, and satisfy the unique needs and wants of poorest of the poor to make solar energy more affordable , more accessible and more flexible for those who live in location of high potential of solar energy and deprived from affordable clean technologies that are more specific to their local conditions .

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solar energy can offer sustainable solutions for poor’s problems however the existing systems make this free source of power luxury , they are unreliable, weather dependent , misjudge poor's local conditions, proved impracticability and of low financial viability as each is of short use period each year We exploited , improved the existing technologies, also supplemented truly appropriate technology, to offer solar energy products in a revolutionary way Ours can serve several functions using the same amount of energy ,with 3 zero cost energy sources, 14-In-One is the first and the only that user can increase or reassemble its components , to modify it to suit his variable, needs, local, and weather conditions, it designed to serve when and where other systems fail contribtion -offering job opportunities in selling , assempling and maintaining components of the systems -as a dryer and fish smoker it can form sustainable agro processing micro enterprises ,to turn poor’s perishable produce into durable products that enables reaching distant markets to get benefits from value added price - minimize post harvest losses, that mean increase in food security and surplus food to sell to get income - improve quality, productivity, profitability and competitiveness of poor’s produce,, and reduce transportation and storage costs to wide their opportunities to compete in global market - reducing time and burden on women in collecting fuel wood that give them more time for engaging income generation activities - improving health incre
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Green Energy believes that the poor are in need for technologies that are more specific to their local conditions, behaviors and life style , it is a solar energy innovator, passionately committed to position itself as future market leader, and first mover, in designing, prototyping, deployment, development,and creating of truly appropriate, solar based technologies and systems that are specifically tailored for the poor, and adaptable to their environment. 14-In-One is a new way to utilize solar energy to bring positive changes in employment and income generating in rural poor communities, our goal is to manufacture the components of 3 generations of unconventional market- based 14-In-One solar powered systems the first of their kind that based on differentiation –focus strategy, then delivering the components to business partners from the targeted communities, to be assembled, sold and installed by local labor to circulate much money inside these deprived communities ,generate local prosperity , and assure sustainability 14-IN-One is a revolutionary, super value, all-In-One system, that is consists of components, each group can be assembled to form one of a family of eco-friendly, multifunctional systems, created for easing pain and alleviating suffer due to problems related with water contamination, hunger, post harvest losses, energy scarcity, unemployment, and cooking ,each coustomer can order all or just spacific components that can solve the problem(s) he suffers, and specifically suit his local condotions.
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Green Energy
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Green Energy

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Ahmed has BS c of agriculture An Shames university Egypt he was working in the research and development department of an Egyptian company(Wood co) , he travelled to many of African countries to work in isolated communities as logs inspector(Ivory Coast –Congo-Liberia-Nigeria-Gabon--) where he got deep adequate understanding about life style , problems, behaviors , of peoples in these deprived communities, he noticed that the existing technologies that developed in the industrialized countries cant help the poor who live in the developing countries thus he used his sprit of research to Find new and better affordable approaches to rural development and poverty reduction that can empower poor and provide them by the tools and capacity they need to create jobs and generate income and food for themselves thus he create the 14-In-On system(Green Energy) that awarded nationally from Arab Organization for industrialization Egypt, and awarded internationally from UNDP (human innovation for sustainable development second prize), Green Energy has just selected to join CTI PFANs pro-bono mentoring and deal facilitation program for project developers, in cooperation with UNFCC (United nation framework convention on climate change), and has just passed the first round Omni compete London school of business

Social Impact
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Green Energy has a center in October city Egypt for just prototyping , we are not able to begin production as we are seeking financial support, however our first prototype awarded nationally from Arab Organization for Industrialization care program for patents and industrial projects, we succeed to win the second best eco-innovation prize from UNDP(international award on human development innovations) , we recognized twice as promising and good practice from UN-HABITAT , we rated among the best 30 projects Global entrepreneurship program, rated among best 30 projects MIT business plan competition Lebanon, and among best 5 projects MENA 100 competition Bahrain, we recognized from Schwab foundation ,US EPA, and American academy of sciences----
our great success when we will be able to achieve our dream and offer our revolutionary affordable products for those who are most in need , our success can be measured by number of jobs that will be offered to local labor in our targeted deprived communities, the low cost sustainable income generating opportunities which our products will offer for the poor, the increase in their income and food security due to minimizing post harvest losses , and better access to long distance markets and the increase in work hours because of less sick people due to water related diseases and less time in collecting fuel wood, our success can be measured by our contribution in preserving environment by reducing the dependency of poor communities in depleting the natural resources to get their needs .

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More than 10,000

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Green Energy will follow a multi-product strategy that based on its ready development program which consists of up to 15 versions to be better faster and cheaper , in the next 3 years we will offer to our customers several products that has the ability of much satisfy ,and suit their different needs, and local conditions, and to attract new segments of customers , as those who live in cities, or even in developed countries, we will offer modified or new components that can be added to our existing systems to increase their functions and advanages ,we will strive to penetrate the huge African market with support of our UK strategic partner, and we are striving to increase the affordability of our products to meet with purchasing power of the poorest of the poor

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Initial coast:- our new designs enable us to reduce the cost of our 14-In-One system by up to 30% than the existing mono-function systems ,however we have a plan to use cheaper materials( that do not effect on the efficiency of our products) for manufacturing low coast versions , also we will give user the choice of paying 35% of the price as crops (grain) which we will distribute through a sister company with a profit margin ,we believe that this plan will help us to survive in the market, it can delay our competitors; make it harder for our key customer to switch, can also increase our profits and the affordability of our products
Imitation:- Green Energy's products have the potential to threaten the position of existing market leaders and their products-market position thus it expects unfair competition from its strong competitors who will imitate any of is products just prove success in the market, and use their complementary assets ( greater financial, technical, and marketing resources) to put it in a defense position
To address this problem we will use our ready development program to adopt multi-product and defense attack strategies ,we will offer attractive incentives to our customers, we may make strategic partnership with a large company as last option, and we have a zero loss exit strategy
Financing:- despite that our first prototype awarded nationally and internationally , we still in need for financial support for implementing the project , then revenue will help us to adopt R&D program for prototyping the other 15 versions of our system.

Tell us about your partnerships

Green energy built strategic partnership with UK based NGO (Horn-At-Home) , that has strong relation and deep experience with kenyan , somalian, and soudanees markets with a commiment to share resources and competencies, to achieve shared goals.
We will create a company outsourcing strategy with production partner, that has many advantages as it will enable us using advanced production technology, will give us more time to focus on developing and selling our products, help to cut costs by reducing labor expenses, shortening cycle time, and speed our products to the market
Then we will deliver the components to business partners(dealers) from the targeted communities, to be assembled , sold and maintained that offers jobs to local labor

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We are striving to get any financial support to implement our project( the awarded -first version) however we didn’t manage till now, we have a business plan that mentored remotly from Paris by a UN consultant, and we offer it to some potential investors, however and till now we depend on private money and some little finacial support from family for just prototyping (15 versions)

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

establishing a sister company for drying ,bakaging and distributing grains ,that will be suppliyed through our incentives program
-utilizing of our ready development program to offer new competative versions and components to our coustomers and attract segments of people live in cities, and different geographical locations.
Penetrate the African market with the support of our UK based strategic partner

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Lake of appropriate technologies that can create jobs or can be linked with income generating activities
there is a gab between what the existing technologies provide and what is possible to serve the poor and suit their local conditions, 14-In-One is the first that is workable by 3 zero cost energy to suit regions with scarce fuel wood and farmers who are in urgent need to dry their produce in rainy season ,it can be reassempled to be powered by solar energy,or local fuel ,it can serve as portable solar water heater to suit those who live in cottages with unstable roofs, it can serve as sterilizer or distiller when water biologically or chemically contaminated, it can serve as modified biomass cook stove and also can do the functions of the favorable 3 stone stove--------

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We are striving to prepare prorotypes for the other 15 versions of our system, we prepare specific systems that can attract segments of potential coustomes in cities , in other African countries and even those in developed countries, this is a revoluionary new look for utilizing solar energy that can totally change the existing bad reputation about solar based systems

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Green Energy built strategic partnership wih UK based NGO (Horn at Home) that has relations and deep experience in many of African markets , with a commitment to share resources and competencies, to achieve our shared goals.