Using the arts for sustainable development

Using the arts for sustainable development

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$50,000 - $100,000
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The project seeks to create employment for young underprivileged artists living in Zimbabwe. Artists will undergo capacity building in acting, filming, directing, production management and marketing their products. The approach will take an entrepreneurial dimension through creating products that will be sold and create revenue thereby developing and supporting emerging markets. The project will produce feature films, short films and serialized drama and documentaries which will be sold to national and regional as well as international broadcasters, to Non- Governmental agencies, and to the general publics who are the largest consumers of the products. The project will engage local companies to fund the productions as well as to develop on their behalf advertising space and opportunities.

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Zimbabwe is a country which is positioning itself well within the context of emerging markets via the vast opportunities being presented at the moment due to the use of the United State as the current means of transactions and this has however stabilised the economy. Consumers have begun to see the value of their money's worth whilst business has begun to realise good profits. With these two situations in place the business world has a need to be visible and in this regard the project will take advantage of the business world which seeks to reach out to its consumers. The products we will develop and produce will create opportunities for business to tap into our expertise and skills as well as innovativeness. The current opportunities are the establishment of two major regional television stations one in Zambia and the other in South Africa who have in the past bought some of our products and still would want to buy more productions and at competitive rates. Zimbabwe has also called for new players to apply for broadcasting licenses and with the introduction of these new competitors the project will benefit from the huge demand of its products and expertise.

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Currently there is a huge gap in terms of viable media organisations that have the capacity to carry out the proposed project activities as most of the companies which used to do this work either closed down, scaled down and or moved to other countries. This however has affected the industry from the technical personnel to the artists who were once employed. The new dimension of the project is that it will harness the strength of capacity building thereby producing more technical personnel as well as artists working in this industry and managing them under one roof. The initiative will combine all form of multimedia such as television, film and radio and it will produce products for commercial consumption. The project will also use such social forums as Facebook, Twitter, and our website to market, publicise and sale our end products. The strength of the project is hinged upon the expertise and innovativeness of taking advantage of the current economic situation which seeks innovative approaches to marketing, hence the produced products will tap into the needs of various commercial companies in need of this service. The project will also take advantage of the huge consumerism of locally produced films and local dramas both locally and regionally.
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Patsime has premises of its own where it proposes to set up the media centre. The project seeks funding to purchase the required equipment to establish a state of the art facility for the following activities-: [a]Entrepreneurship- Commercial production of media products. Produce Films that will be sold to consumers locally and regionally. Engage local companies to develop and produce commercial adverts for the promotion of products and branding for both television and radio. [b] Hiring out equipment and personnel Vast opportunities exist for the organisation to generate revenue by hiring out equipment together with personnel. Hiring of full recording equipment may cost between 200 to a 500 USD per day. [c] Promotion and recording of up-coming music artists. The project will record, promote and manage up coming artists. The project will get a share of profits from shows done by the artists. [d]Support to the development and humanitarian component. The primary objective of raising resources is to support development projects which are the core business of the organisation. The need for developing this component is the direct result of the need to boost and sustain funding, at the same time decreasing the dependence on donor support.
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Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust
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Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust

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The founder Jasen Mphepo is an artists who has worked in the arts industry for the past eleven years. He is the founding Director of Patsime Trust eight years ago. Jasen has developed and produced a number of products as a producer, writer, actor and Director and he has vast experiences working in the industry. His work has earned him a celebrity status as one of Zimbabwe top actors and Director with several accoldaes and awards to his name. jasen was inspired by the need to re-engineer the arts industry in Zimbabwe especially through the use of new and innovative media thereby creating jobs for the many artists who have been affected by the deacade long economic crisis that affected the country. Jasen believes in catapulting the expertise and knowledge gained over the years by him as well as other artists to use that knowledge and offer emerging and upcoming artists an opportunity to create employment, Be self reliant and develop and market their work and experise in the emerging markets on offer in Zimbabwe and within the region.

Social Impact
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Currently the project has been able to impact on a number of peoples lives by contributing to the national call to work on changing peoples behaviors with regards HIV/AIDS issues and gender as well as human rights issues. Patsime has produced a serialised drama targeting young people and this drama became a hit and attracted a number of advertisers who wanted to advertise during the times it was being aired. The project realised up to twenty thousand United States dollars through the sale of advertising airtime availed by the national broadcaster. The production also raised up to thirty thousand United States from the sales mad to Non Governmental organisations. Currently the project has produced a film which is running at the local film theatres and we hope to raise up to plus or minus twenty thousand United States dollars from the box office and if marketed well an equivalent or more when we avail it to the public on DVD. The development side of the project has assisted a lot of young people with basic information on HIV/AIDS as a human rights issue.

How many people have been impacted by your project?

More than 10,000

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

We hope that we the right facilities, equipment and expertise, we will be able to grow into a bigger media house that will offer a competitive edge with regards production of mass media products that will create even more revenue than we are currently realising. We target to train and employ up to twenty young people per year who will work as technical staff from Directors, to general crew members, to post production marketers and distributors of the end products. We also hope to strengthen more on our partnerships with local business, broadcaster, as well as regional broadcasters as well as to explore other international distributorship channels. We also hope to become a competitive media house within the region.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The film industry in Zimbabwe is still at its infancy and still trying to find its feet though with very good support from development agencies and consumers such as the audiences at box office as well as those who buy products on the street. The coporate world is still a bit hesitant to support the arts and film in general yet they can become our biggest consumer as well as partners for the project. Zimbabwe has also been flooded by Hollywood, Bollywood and Nigerian movies which can be potential competition for our locally made productions. The best way to overcome these barriers for the project would be as follows-:
a] developing an aggressive marketing strategy which our competitors are not utilizing which are, word of mouth, email advertising, using facebook and twitter, banner, poster and flier advertising as well as using the local broadcaster to market our products as well as doing premiers of show and promotional campaigns to buy locally produced films.
b] to engage the local business people to partner and support locally made productions before they buy from outside of Zimbabwe.
c] to lobby for the banning of unlicensed international film distributors who flood the market.

Tell us about your partnerships

Currently the organisation is partners with a number of stakeholders and for this particular project we will take advantage of our already existing partners. We are partners with the local television broadcaster with whom we provide with content of the stage dramas, short films and serial soap dramas we have produced under the funding we receive from our funders. We are also partners with the Censorship board who assist us with censoring content for the appeal of the local audiences. We are also partners the local Zimbabwean film theatre Rainbow theatre who will have exclusive rights to showcase our films. Other strategic partners that we will rope in would be a local University which we will work with to accredit the course programs we shall provide in the capacity building component of the project. We also intend to rope in international distributors who will be instrumental in distributing our products at international and regional level.

Explain your selections

NGO's-: Patsime Trust the applying organisation manages other projects apart from the film project we sought support for. These funders who are EED-Germany based, ICCO-Netherlands and HIVOS. These organisations provide basket funding to the organisation and they have funded as part of the project the film and soap drama component over the past five years.
Business-: As part of their social responsibility program the busines community has supported our project at different occasions such as supporting our theatre and film annual festival as well as our cleanup campaigns.
Customers-: These form an integral part of our product consumers. Our customers range from development agencies who commission us to produce programs on their behalf to the general publics who come to view our productions at theatres. They also buy our DVD' on the market and they are our biggest source of income at the moment, though the revenues with good advertising strategies can be improved.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

The project will be strengthened through branding the project and developing an aggressive marketing strategy. This strategy will entail developing a brand that appeals to the customers as well as a trusted brand in which sponsors and funders can confidently put their money on. We will strengthen our marketing strategies via creating forums for discussions of our products using social media platforms as well as our website. As part of strengthening the project over the next three years the project will develop innovative strategies of creating revenue for sustainability of the project through producing other trinkets that could be produced for sale as a way of promoting a particular film as well as the project brand. We also hope to penetrate the regional market and be able to sell our productions within the Southern African region. In the three year period we also hope to have trained up to thirty young people both female and male who will work as technical crew personnel within this project as well as for other multi-media projects in Zimbabwe, the region and internationally.

Which barriers to employment does your innovation address?
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Lack of skills/training




Need for regulatory/policy support

Please describe how your innovation specifically tackles the barriers listed above.

The project will train and build the capacities of young people.The trained young people will be engaged by the project through employment creation within the project as well as to work for other projects as they will have salable expertise. The project will make sure that the trained young people will be employed in various activities that the project will undertake. The project will lobby policy makers to create policy that will favor a good and conducive working working environment that opens up markets and spaces to showcase.

Are you trying to scale your organization or initiative?
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Grown geographic reach: Multi-country


Leveraged technology

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

The project currently intends to grow the local market and creat demand of their products. Locally we will create soaces to collaborate with the business community to support our work as well as market our products widely. Once our local market has grown well we will expand to other markets within the region starting first by engaging regional broadcasters andthen entering the market within the targetd countries. Marketing for us will play a pivotal role within the project hence we will use the ICT's to reach our markets.

Do you collaborate with any of the following: (Check all that apply)

Government, NGOs/Nonprofits, For profit companies.

If yes, how have these collaborations helped your innovation to succeed?

Government has worked with us through the censorhip board as well as the anti piracy board with regards giving direction to to legislation governing the work we do thereby creating conducive work environments. NGO's have been one of our biggest consumers of our work through commissioning us to develop and produce work for them. Profit making companies have come on board our activities and have supported us through the festivals we have hosted so far. During these festivals we have been able to showcase our work and at the same time produce some work with the companies support.