The schools’ music challenge for individual and group performers.

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The schools’ music challenge for individual and group performers.

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Starting this year, myself with my students are organising to hold an annual music challenge , for students only, which will involve both individual and group performers. In this, using flstudio8 software, we are composing five tracks in different styles i,e. RnB, reggae, hiphop, dancehall and afrobeat.We shall then send a copy of thesel tracks to each of the participating schools.The participants will then have to create their own song alongside one of these tracks.They will practice their song and are to present it on a concert where there will be a big audience and judges.On the competition day all the music will be played live by a band.Thereafter the winners will be announced and will recleive big prizes.Most important of these will be a chance to record their music in a good recording studio.

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Me and my music students are going to organize an annual music challenge for teenage music students in high school. Participants will be provided with five tracks(which we are going to create with my students using flstudio8 software) of different styles of music and are to select one and compose a song alongside the track. They will have to present this song on the competition day to the judges and an audience.

What makes your idea unique?

For many decades now in my country, their have been music competitions but these have not really benefited the students who offer music as a subject and those young talented musicians. All competitions held have aimed at schools as choirs but the individual participants have not gained much.In these competitions participants have had to select one song by a famous music star and prctice and present it for adjudication.As a result the competitions have always ended and the participants end up just like that with no realistic benefit.Their talents have ended there in vain.More to that the young performers especially high school students have been scared to take part in these competitions because they are scared to compete against more experienced and older performers. In this music challenge we are aiming at giving our young music students plus others an opportunity to develop their music ideas to the fullest until they make it to big stages. We now also believe that a student who has completed high school education must be able to sustain themselves using the skills and knowledge they have acquired in school and be of use to the society. Both the learners and the community must benefit from our education and music is well known to send the loudest message. We want to give our students an ability to change their lives and those of others by the time they leave our schools.

Most important here is that I teach in a purely girls school comprising always over1000 girls and I want to make girls believe that they to can make it just like their male counterparts.There is obvious need to fight an inferiority complex developed by female learners themselves and their seniors as well. This will motivate many other girls out there if they see their colleagues tussling it out competitively with the male counterparts.

What is your area of work? (Please check as many as apply.)

Children & Youth , At risk youth , Behavioral issues , Child care , Child exploitation , Child labor , Child protection , Early childhood development , Education , Education reform , Girls' development , Mentorship , Play , Youth development , Youth leadership , Development & Prosperity , Community development , Corporate social responsibility , Design , Economic development , Employment , Income generation , Information technology , Mentorship , Networking , Poverty alleviation , Scholarships and grants , Sustainable development , Technology , Recreation , Sexuality , Abuse and violence , Child exploitation , Civil rights , Conflict resolution , Crime prevention , Indigenous cultures , Intercultural relations , Cultural preservation , Ethics , Intergenerational relations , Spirituality , Women's Issues .

What impact have you had?

The impact I have had so far can greatly be witnessed in my school. My senior five students can now all create a simple track with out words using flstudio8 and this has had them believe that they too can be great music producers. I have also been able to convince five schools to join this competition with each school promising to take part in each category. Many of my students can now capture, edit and make a simple music video using simple home cameras and simple video editing software like pinnacle and adobe. Within my own school we have started staging simple performances to the students.We are also creatiing tracks now for variious hymns in the protestant hymn book and this has made praise and worship more interesting. We have also started teaching our students various stage instruments like the keyboards and guitars.

Describe the primary problem(s) that your project is addressing.

•Many youth are currently unemployed in Uganda yet they have got certain skills they could apply to earn a living.
•The moral behavior of our young youth starts deteriorating during the teenage age and they need to be put to activities that make good use of their time.
•Us as high school teachers spend six years with the students and send them to world practically with no basic skills to sustain them and their immediate community.
•Female learners are often left behind in many important activities with a backward mind that these activities are meant for male learners.

Describe the steps that your organization is taking to make your project successful.

•My school has offered to host the competitions at the school theatre.
•I have been able to teach many girls the various software using the school’s computer center.
•My school has consistently held an annual inter house music, dance and drama competition which gives an opportunity to over 1000 girls to get to stage and present something. This has greatly erased stage fright from them.
•The school has at many occasions allowed students to present musical plays in different theatres which have gradually increased the students levels of performance.
•The students have also been taken out on numerous occasions to watch operas, jazz shows, concertos, and many other musical performances.
•At many occasions my school invites different local musicians to come and perform and talk to the girl as well about different issues concerning teenagers.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Success in Year 1:

•Being able to hold the first competition show and having at least 50 performers both boys and girls.
•Having the show recorded and broadcast on TV by various local TV stations for the whole public to watch and appreciate.

Success in Year 2:

•Being able to find the necessary sponsorship for this competition so as to market it among more schools and the whole community at large.
•Being able to record the songs of the winners in a real music studio.

Success in Year 3:

•Enlarging the competition to cover other parts of the country with regional competitions held before the final competition.
•Having the competition to be done in a public place where anyone can join the audience for the performers to perform for a mixed crowd other than fellow students only.

Do you have a business plan or strategic plan? (yes/no)

•Yes we have got a strategic plan for the whole project but no business plan yet. We are hoping to work with schools around Kampala city for the first competition and expand the competition to other regions in subsequent years. We are going to send our proposals to the different companies that are potential sponsors right away and link up with the media houses to market the idea. We are also aiming at pairing up the winners to work with each other after the competition for even better songs and get then work with a professional music producer.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 1:

•Convince the schools on the practical benefits of such a project to their learners and have them send their learners onto the competition.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 2:

•Obtaining different software and hardware to teach the different students and teachers on how to create their own simple music just with a computer, a microphone and a pair of headphones.A number of computers, microphones, speakers and headphones will need to be given to the different music departments in the schools.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 3:

• Enough financial ability to involve more schools and participants in the competition. Equipment like video cameras, a good public address system and simple music recording gadgets to enable easy production of the songs at no cost to the owners.In short to set up a schools' recording center.

Describe the expected results of these actions.

•After the schools have been convinced to send their students the competition will be held and this will definitely attract companies and media to sponsor the event and make bigger to attract a wider attention from the society. Hence more people will be reached.
•When there is acquisition of both soft and hardware many more students wont have to wait to receive finished tracks but instead will create their own and entirely own the song. The preceding performances will have more variety and this will give the performer liberty to discover their best potentials.
•Recording a song in a good studio in my country today costs over $50.This is too much money for a beginning musician and they might remember these are school children who even don’t have jobs to earn. So a studio to record the winners music for free would be of great benefit to them since they would be guaranteed of having a copy of their music on CD.

What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

•Six and a half years when I left high school I got to accept that I have not got a song of my own yet I studied music and passed with excellent grades. As if not enough most of the famous local musicians in my country have all made their plight in the past eight years and are now earning big yet they had no music education. I meant a former music classmate in high school and as we chatted about music we were forced to believe that out of 17 of us who completed high school as music students, only 2 were active in music. What happened to the remaining 15? We sat back and enjoyed our moments. WE used perform for an audience of 1500 students every week and leave them commenting and from that we are supposed to have taken on audiences outside the school. We remembered that despite all that ability we had, our music teacher never took us an extra step to turn us into real musicians while he still had control of us. On leaving high school we all went for different field and up to now non of us has succeeded yet we had been already succeeded in music and its now that we are gathering ourselves to start performing again and we are all thinking about the time we lost elsewhere.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

•Richard Bukenya is a Ugandan aged 29 years and works for Gayaza High School as a teacher of music. I had my secondary studies at Makerere College School in 2002 from where I joined Makerere University in 2003-2007. After sitting my senior six exams I was called at Gayaza High school to train the choir in various areas from which later I was able to start teaching music as a subject as well. During this time I have kept a very strong and active choir that it has gone for numerous music competitions and had a number of musical plays in different theatres.

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

•I first heard about changemakers at a workshop organized in Kampala led by Victoria Nyakundi,an ashoka staff.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Such a kind of project could only fail if:
•the schools are not convinced enough to send their students to participate in the competitions.
•there was alleged unfairness in judgment.
•There was not enough equipment to play the music and record it for both video and audio.
•There is no awareness from the public about the whole competition and hence commanding a small fan base. All performers would like attract great recognition among the fans.
•If many schools keep not having computer centers which prevents the students to lean the different technologies in music production.
.Also if the winners are not rightly followed up to ensure that their music is recorded and put out to the public.

Financing source


If yes, provide organization name.

my initiative is connected to Gayaza High School.

How long has this organization been operating? (i.e. less than a year; 1-5 years; more than 5 years)

more than 5 years

Does your organization have a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board?

•It has got a Board of Directors.

Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with NGOs? (yes/no)


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•The different NGOs have at various occasions donated computers to the school which computers have greatly aide the quick learning of simple music productions I teach my students.
•Some of these organizations at times have called on to the choir to perform hence aiding their ability to perform.
•A number of organizations have come to my school to hold seminars for students about different social morals.

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What is the total number of employees and total number of volunteers at your organization?

155 employees and no volunteers

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None of the above.