Educate! -- Educating and Empowering Africa's Future Leaders

Through an innovative two-year program of study, guided by Ugandan university graduates and emphasizing critical thinking, personal engagement, and mentoring, Educate! supplements the traditional curriculum of partner secondary schools in Uganda to prepare students to be socially responsible leaders in their communities and throughout the country.  By challenging students to become responsible leaders and to develop social enterprises that address community needs, Educate! embodies the concept of "exponential empowerment," which creates a multiplier effect as new projects empower others to undertake projects of their own.  The power of this concept has been demonstrated by CORBURAS, an Educate! club in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda, which in partnership with other Educate!-inspired organizations has built an orphanage, worked to generate fees to support the education of 33 refugee youth, built a school residence for girls, and provide 5,000 mosquito nets for the community.  In so doing, CORBURAS/Educate! has improved the lives of over 1,000 people, many of whom have made a personal commitment to carry out Educate!'s mission.

With the continuing engagement of advisory boards in the US and in Uganda, support from Changemakers will contribute to the expansion of Educate!'s program beyond the 24 school and approximately 400 students currently participating, toward a goal of engaging one-third of all graduating students in Uganda by 2015.  By demonstrating the success of its model, Educate! aspires to generate permanent change in the curriculum of Ugandan schools to transform a traditional curriculum into one that educates and empowers Africa's future leaders.



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