ACHARYA: Be A Mentor..A Guide..A Pseudo Parent to an Orphan Child..and give them better CHILDHOOD & FUTURE.

ACHARYA: Be A Mentor..A Guide..A Pseudo Parent to an Orphan Child..and give them better CHILDHOOD & FUTURE.

IndiaNew Delhi, India
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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ACHARYA- Be a Mentor, a Guide, a Pseudo Parent to an Orphan child..and give him better Childhood & Future with your Love and Support.

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There are more than 200 Million Orphans in World. With more than 20 Million Orphans in India alone! If we talk about statistics, 40% of India's total population is below the age of 18, and 4% of these children are Orphan. As an estimate there were around 3500 adoptions in India in 2010.Out of which around 900 were International, and 2400 Domestic adoptions only. This is primarily because of Social attitude of Indian people. Indians prefer to have their own kids than adoptions. And there are just around 1000 orphanages in India, where orphans live in a pity state, it is also due to lack of funds from the government and high levels of corruption.Millions of orphan have no access to food, healthcare and most important education.They are forced to work as labors, and as sex workers.

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Since most people in India do not prefer legal adoptions. The Acharya website can give them a chance to become mentor and support the child financially. And help the child in his education and living. The basic aim of website will be to provide "Acharya", which means a mentor, a teacher, a guide to a child, without hassles of legal adoptions. Acharya will be a non profit website, where all the orphans will be listed living in orphanages across the country. It will ask people to support a child(of their choice) by giving small amount of money every month for his/her education, food and healthcare. They will get a monthly bill of expenses. The website will also organize monthly meetings of child with their Acharya. And help interested people in legal adoptions. It will be a kind of Facebook, which will provide orphans a pseudo parent. And help them to have a better future. And bring people forward to help orphans with least responsibilities and give them chance to do a good deed.
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Acharya website will provide an easy link between orphans, orphanages and people. There are many people willing to help orphans, but due to work pressure and lack of time, that willingness- to visit an orphanage, help orphans and support is simply lost. Today people seek and need easy ways to do everything. And Acharya will be that solution, which will bring people together easily using the power of internet and support the orphans, to help them grow truly as a child. People will be able to see information about all the orphans living in orphanages. As per their wish, they can choose a child and choose a specific amount, which they can give monthly to support the child in his education, food and more. The orphanages, will send them e-receipts to the "Acharaya" of child for their education and other expenses. With financial support, an orphan can study in government schools, with a small expense of approximate 300 rupees only. The website will also help orphans above 18 years, to get good jobs and help girl orphans to get married. It will encourage people to adopt, conduct meetings of orphan child and their "Acharya" and help them to be in touch with child whom they support. And also help people provide orphanages for all things needed. Also the website will allow people to communicate with the child they support, by sending them messages, which will be conveyed by orphanage Head or Admin. to child. With advancement of internet technology, availability of cheap tablets, computers , easy e-banking, mobile banking all this can be really possible and feasible.

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As such there is no existing website, which comes up with this idea of bringing orphans and people together with the use of technology. There are ample of NGO's and Fund raising websites which ask people to help poor, orphans etc. But they lack providing people information about their expenditure of money to specific beneficiaries. Which ultimately raise doubts among the donors. The "Acharya" website will not only overcome the lack of technology but also provide exact information of the beneficiary child, which people will have freedom to choose. And give people a sense of responsibility and personal touch towards the orphan child, when they will see exact expenditure of their money on the child, see his/her monthly progress. And thus giving an orphan child at least a pseudo parent.
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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

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ACHARYA- Be a Mentor, a Guide, a Pseudo Parent to an Orphan child..and give him better Childhood & Future with your Love and Support.

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"Acharya" is a unique website which gives you an opportunity to become a mentor,a guide, a pseudo parent to an orphan child in just few

Social Impact
What has been the impact of your solution to date?

This is just an idea. Since it needs financial support and support of people who can contribute in collection of data, development of website and spreading of idea.

But i have a firm belief that once developed, the "Acharya" website can really give the best solution to more than 20 million orphans, and give them a better childhood, education and perhaps someone to call their own.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

This website, will take around 5-6 months of development, if provide with financial support and technical expertise.
And within 1 year of their launch it will provide Millions of "Acharya" to all the orphans living in orphanages in metro cities.

Later on it will go ahead to cover all the orphanages in smaller cities and towns.

But if implemented properly, provision of direct benefit to orphan child by the supporter, with sense of personal touch and responsibility. And also tax rebates on donations will motivate people to support orphan children and become their "Acharya" .

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

There might be few barriers-

Financial barrier- The website covering all orphanages of Delhi-NCR only, for a start in small fund of 2 lakhs rupees($4000) approximately.
We need to provide tablets/computers & internet connection in every orphanages(if not available) to help people connect with orphan children.
Later on after success in city, we can ask people for donations and financial support.

Technological barrier- The need of people to build the website can be easily overcome by asking people with technical expertise to work as volunteer. Ask students to work as volunteer and use it as project/internship in their course work.And training of Orphanages Head/Workers.
It can be easily done, as i am an IT engineer and well in touch with friends and people who will support it.

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Launch the website "Acharya", popularise the website, collect donations and ask for volunteership.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

Register the website "Acharya", collect data of all orphan children and orphanges in Delhi-NCR region, & all other metro cities.

Task 2

To inform as many people as possible about this website, ask for donations and volunteership, specially from the students.

Task 3

Launching the website and ask people to become "Acharya", with unique advertisments and collect donations.

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone

Popularise the website, urge people to become"Acharya", expand the website to cover all metro cites,collection of donations.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

Popularise the website with unique & hard-hitting advertisments, urge people to become "Acharya".

Task 2

Expand the website, by collection of data of more orphanages in all metro cities. Ask for volunteership.

Task 3

Make the website more fast and advanced and expand the whole Acharya in all dimensions.

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My inspiration are my parents, who have been supporting many orphanages as much as possible, by donation of money, old clothes, celebrating birthdays of family members in orphanages.

It gives me a "shock", when i come across the pity state of orphan children across the world and in India. Despite all our growth, globalization and modernization, there are millions living in utter poverty. An adult has at least strength to earn somehow, but what about the orphans, who with no mistake of their own are forced as labors, beggars and sex workers.

The amount of money we spent on our kids for their burgers, can actually give food to an orphan for a month.

Being an IT engineer, when i see our country developing into super power, growth of internet, technology, launch of new e-commerce websites everyday.
This idea of using technology to actually help millions of orphan children to grow up not a beggar, labor or an adult in illegitimate work , but as good citizen of our country.

Tell us about your partnerships

Currently there are no partnerships, since i am a fresher, and student.
I have friends and people to support, but not the right platform which can give me guidance and credibility to the project. But i definitely have many people, few colleges and its students in contact who are ready to work as volunteer.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section? [75 words]

There will be need of volunteers for
1. To collect data about orphans and orphanages in various cities, which will be primarily done by locals.
2. Development and maintenance of website.
3. Training of Orphanage Head.
4. Management and financial help.
In this, most of them can be done by students as their internship like engineering and management students.

Overall head will be no one as this website will be volunteer based, but there can be advisory board of senior people from various expertise like retired Civil Servants, retired Managers, who can volunteer for this work.

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