Community Playgrounds

Community Playgrounds

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Secure, eco-friendly playgrounds will be built for underserved children in Bangladesh to ensure their right to play is protected.

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Researchers and educators alike have long recognized the power of play for early childhood development. Article 31 in the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child even acknowledges a child’s right “to engage in play.” The fact that so many of us, as adults, can still recall such pleasurable playground experiences as winning a race or going down a slide only underscores the meaningful impact play has on our lives. During my visit to Bangladesh, I was amazed by how children were able to amuse themselves in such hazardous conditions: rummaging through piles of paper trash and walking on top of PVC pipes, among other things. It showed me not only the remarkable ability of children to adapt their play to immediate surroundings, but also the urgent need for safe spaces to play.

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the goal of this project is to create safe environments for underprivileged children to play. The program will start small, building a playground in one or two villages. The key here is that a playground will only be constructed in a village where a primary school is already in place. Ideally, the playground would be placed next to the school. One community member will be trained on playground planning, design, building and maintenance. She will act as the playground project manager. The manager will then go back to her village and meet with the parents and adults of her community to discuss playground designs. She will then split the parents into groups and assign each group a task in the building process. The entire process from conception to construction will take roughly 2-3 weeks, with a total budget set at $2000. My project team will visit the site each day of construction to carefully monitor and offer needed advice. Weekly maintenance check ups will be administered as well.
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This project helps children reach their full potential. Play is inherently self-directed; so by building playgrounds, a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence will be cultivated in underprivileged children. This is especially true for girls, since playgrounds know no gender. Involving parents in every step of the process serves numerous functions. For example, coming from the community they often know what materials are available for use. Parents are also more likely to become advocates of play after seeing the project from start to finish. Since playgrounds will be primarily built next to existing schools, the project also has the potential to increase student enrollment rates and/or decrease dropout rates. The fact that members of the community will be leading the project ensures the long-term sustainability of the project by promoting commitment to the playgrounds and ensuring that the playgrounds are only built from materials that are locally available.

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The main organizations that are currently pursuing similar work are KaBOOM! and Playground Ideas. However, unlike KaBOOM! that focuses on US playground construction initiatives, our project will be based in Bangladesh, a developing country that differs greatly economically, politically, socially, and culturally to the United States. Playground Ideas is a great organization that disseminates playground construction materials and instruction. However, they do not directly take on construction themselves. Our project might use some of the materials offered by their organization, but we will ultimately also be traveling to the foreign country to research, plan, organize, implement and evaluate.
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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

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Safe, eco-friendly playgrounds will be built for underprivileged children in Bangladesh to ensure their right to engage in play.

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The project will be utilizing locally abundant materials and organizing local human resources to help communities help themselves.

Social Impact
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Over the next year I hope to build 5 successful playgrounds in Bangladesh.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Community resistance or apathy to the project will definitely pose a major problem to the success of the project. In order to address that issue, extensive research and personal interviews will be made to ensure that the project is culturally relevant to community members.

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Construction of 1 successful playground in Bangladesh.

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Task 1

Find a community partner (public school, NGO, etc)

Task 2

Raise enough funds to implement project

Task 3

Establish meaningful, positive relationships with Bangladeshi community.

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Build 3 playgrounds in Bangladesh.

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Task 1

Raise enough funds to implement project.

Task 2

Maintain good relations with community partner and community members.

Task 3

Address any problems with first playground quickly and effectively.

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