Empatheatre. Activate empathy through play.

Empatheatre. Activate empathy through play.

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Empatheatre. Activate empathy through play. Use a simple model to encourage children to Watch & Feel, Think & Imagine, Do & Play, Share & Learn.

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The lack of opportunities and possibilities of children/pupils to realise that there are several sides, stages, levels, layers of any action, play, situation, interaction, communication. The lack of opportunities of children/teachers/parents to practice, express, show, share, learn empathy, and through the play find out and tackle possible unspoken problems. The lack of awareness that anyone can join, affect, make a change. The wrong perceptions of equality of certain roles. The common single view and self-focused empathy. The lack of time and accessible tools at schools and families to work on the above mentioned daily, to include it in their lives.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Use a simple tool, a model of “Empatheatre” in classes to: • activate empathy through play. • help children to realise that life situations are like a theatre. (There is audience, imagi(nation) on the curtain, action on the stage, hidden backstage that affects the action on the stage and represents the past of characters, various unknown conditions, different experience. • raise awareness of several sides, stages, levels, layers of actions, plays, situations, interactions, communication. • realise roles, abilities, possibilities of involved people to contribute, influence, solve any action. • realise the stage is open, anyone can join, contribute, make a change in the play. • motivate children/teachers/parents to practice, express, show, share, learn empathy through various situations/issues. • experience and see oneself in the mirror
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The model of Empatheatre can be a permanent “equipment” of every class, used for explaining various issues in school subjects, and for showing everyday life situations, communication models, conflict solutions to children. Teachers can use it as a bridge towards open, honest communication and relations with pupils by playing with them on the same equal stage. EXAMPLE 1: Using in history classes, to explain events deeply, from different perspectives, to learn not to judge the image or action only, but to try to understand the reasons and consequences. In maths, to see the practical usage of knowledge. In literature, to uncover deeper hidden meaning of texts, metaphors. In general, visually show the importance of practicing and learning (behind the stage) for the actual action on the stage. EXAMPLE 2: When teachers notice unspoken conflict or hidden problems among the children, they can introduce a play, invite pupils to join, and to find out the core and background. They can encourage pupils to express honestly, motivate them to perceive the backstage and its influence. They can raise their awareness of importance of all involved people and roles, motivate them not to be passive audience, but active, fair, emphatic players.

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This tool is easy to be hand-made, and very accessible, understandable, intuitive, and no knowledge or specific skills are necessary for using it. Simple guidelines and basic measurements will be available online for free. The promotion will run aside of the commercial market, mostly online, or with help of NGOs and schools. It is therefore the product does not really have competitors.
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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

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Empatheatre. Activate empathy through play. Use a simple model to encourage children to Watch&Feel, Think&Imagine, Do&Play, Share&Learn

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Empatheatre.Easily hand-made,suitable for any subject and situation,for teachers in class,parents at home,children.Shows perspectives.

Social Impact
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None so far, it is in the idea phase.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

After spreading the idea and tool across schools and leisure centres, I hope it will have not measurable, but deep and long-lasting impact on all people who experience the Empatheatre. Thanks to its simplicity and accessibility, I believe it could become a common part of equipment of classes, groups and families, and a common way of perceiving, thinking, feeling and acting.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The only barrier would be the lack of time and means to develop the idea, finalise the tool, prepare accurate methodology, spread and promote it properly and intensively. However, I will do my best, and will try to agree with a partner organisation (Centre for Civic Education, Institute for Environmental Education, Fair Trade Centre, Leisure centres, etc.) to take it under their wings and include it among their activities.

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Finalise the tool, create guidelines, prepare methodology, start promotion, find partner organisation, spread the idea and tool.

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Start following the action plan step by step.

Task 2

Find a way, how this activity could become partly my occupation.

Task 3

Devote maximum possible time.

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Go internationally. Make a commercial product, several types & forms (model,picture,cards,book). Create workshops & performances

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Task 1

Work closely with or in an organisation/company.

Task 2

Another person responsible for the commercial part.

Task 3

Team of people giving workshops and performances.

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Everyone can create it, have it, use it, share it, enjoy it. Its potential deep meaning and enjoyment at the same time is big. Its potential for natural spreading both at schools and homes, minds and hearts is, I believe, huge.

Tell us about your partnerships

I will contact organisations and companies that I know that are active in the field of education, leisure activities. (Centre for Civic Education, Institute for Environmental Education, Fair Trade Centre, Leisure centres, etc.)

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I will do the most, and I also hope to get some help partly the staff from the above mentioned organisations and companies, partly from volunteers.

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