Global Primary with Empathy

Global Primary with Empathy

Sri LankaSri Lanka
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Shilpa Sayura Global Primary uses ICT creatively to deliver global primary education with empathy locally on mobile.

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Rural youth face a disparity in national education due to lack of education resources. This causes large number of youth to become school dropouts and unemployed. Inadequate teachers and learning material has made their education less effective although it’s free. Having to help parents in farms they miss school. Women are the most affected due to cultural barriers to travel outside for education. They have become most vulnerable to emerging socio-economic and environmental challenges due to lack of access to education. This growing problem creating youth unrest, unemployment, social problems and poverty require innovative approaches to increase their access to national education to improve their quality of life and to reduce poverty.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

“Global Primary with Empathy” uses ICT creatively to deliver a 21st century primary curriculum in local language to run on mobiles to enable self and group e learning of math, science, English, ICT, Art, Health, Environment with Empathy in local languages. The software and content created under creative commons and open source to enable global sharing and adaptation. The solution provided free to Schools to induce self and group e learning with empathy. The content created as interactive animations, games and learning exercises. The learning model will be student centered, enabling self expression and application of knowledge. The system available on a plug-N-play 2GB mobile RAM CHIP will deliver primary education with empathy to student on mobile or netbook. It will help youth learn essential global skills to develop 21st century society with empathy, shall be translated to global languages with collaborative partnerships with Ashoka Network.
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Global Primary transfers power of learning to the students to change the game with equal access to learning anywhere. It is designed on past experiences, a thin e learning platform for mobiles, touchpads and netbooks that can use solar power. Global Primary carricullam design will encompass national curriculum, awareness in global challenges and empathy. Education content will use English as based language for translation. Content designs use animations, games, interactive exercises, sound and video. Creative commons and open source attributed for global sharing. The system distributed as a 2GB RAMCHIP to rural schools, Telecentres and downloadable for micro fee to cover hosting fees. Awareness made with global media. Rural youth will access education in a creative way with Global Primary. A School on the palm! usable in class, at home or outdoor. E learning will be interesting, enjoyable and fun. It will enable learning in groups to induce collaboration and empathy of sharing and caring around the learning system. Learning by exploration, critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, self expressions, new experiences and insights at own phase. Curiosity and freedom of learning help develop a self learning person with empathy. For Teachers Global Primary is a tool making a difference to go out side class, to connect with environment, society and real life to teach empathy. The product will ecologically grow like shilpasayura translating into global languages and scaling with content and reach to make a difference with empathy.

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South Asia averages 4.3 mean years of schooling with large number of school drop-outs during primary education, mainly caused by poverty and lack of access to education due to socio-economic and environmental problems. Children tend to become laborers without thinking, personal and social skills of empathy. There are social entrepreneurs who like to make a difference in education with Telecentres however lack innovative tools. Content available in some context, proprietary, not open and expensive. Global primary is free, open and sharable. Shilpa Sayura has experience, technology and partner networks to make this idea become real. The opportunity exsit with fast growing mobile industry and handsets becoming cheaper. Global primary need no connectivity. it’s local to the learner.
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Shilpa Sayura Foundation
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Shilpa Sayura Foundation

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Shilpa Sayura Global Primary uses ICT creatively to deliver global primary education with empathy locally on mobile.

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Local language e learning on mobile for a Global primary curriculum with empathy. ICT driven collaborative innovation for social change.

Social Impact
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Shilpa Sayura since 2007 implemented in 150 rural communities. Provided access to e learning to 35864 rural youth. Shilpa Sayura Online serves over 4500 users and used by over 350 teachers. USD 210,000 has been spent to implement the project. Based on research a significant impact has been made rural communities with increased access to national education. Shilpa Sayura local language technologies has been shared with 23 other projects and used by large online community. The capacity building of 150 Telecentres and training of 326 telecenter operators increased their sustainability. 2450 youth trained for employment. Shilpa Sayura published 13 research papers to shared knowledge and experience with a global audience. Shilpa Sayura won 9 Global awards for innovation and impact.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

The new product global primary aims to deliver primary education with empathy on mobile to over 1000 schools and communities in Sri Lanka challenged with access to national education, communication and energy. The product aims to be translated to Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Nepal, Indunisian, Chinease, Arabic and Portugese languages and distributed globally by collaborating with Ashoka change makers Network. The technology and content shared globally make other mobile e learning applications.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Serving a global rural youth having diverse geography, culture and needs is a challenge. The new conditions require change within. The most affected with access to education are the most poorest, hence income generation for sustainability is a challenge. Hence we require funding for initial development. We plan to design technology model economical to reduce costs. The product developed in stages and expand through collaborations. We will work with volunteers with empathy and access support networks through Ashoka Fellowship.

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Task 1

Designing of Global Primary curriculum

Task 2

Desiging mobile e learning platform

Task 3

Development of prototype e learning system with content

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Task 1

Training developers on e learning content development

Task 2

Develop Global Primary lessons for 8 Subjects in English

Task 3

Implementation in 100 Schools

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Coming from rural, I struggled to access education. I leaned that society divided on knowledge. I unleashed the power of ICT to create Shilp Sayura and observed how rural youth enjoy e learning and develop them self. It convinced me of the value of local language e learning for inducing social change. Travelling in rural India, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt sharing my experiences, I learned that education challenges are globally similar and realized that my innovation can help change the World. With the millennium goal of achiving universal primary education approaching in 2015, I wished, If I could develop a technology product free and open to change global primary education encompassing critical thinking, problem solving, empathy, cultural and environmental awareness at early ages.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have created resources, collaboration, technology and strategic partnerships given below.
Resources : ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, Lien Center for Social Innovation, Adobe Foundation, Internet Society
Collaboration: Sri Lanka Telecenter Community, Education Ministry, Youth Empowerment Society, Nensala Network, Teachers for education content
Technology : Sinhala Unicode Group, Stockholm University, University of Colombo
Strategic : National Institute of Education, Ashoka Foundation, Pre-School Development Foundation

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section? [75 words]

The project will have 3 full time staff and staff on assignment basis. The technical and development team durations vary on production plan.
Management Staff: Project Director, Project Secretary, Finance Manager
Consultants: Primary Education Expert, Sociologist
Technical: Systems Engineer, Quality Assurance
Development Team: Chief Technologist, Software Engineer
Creative Team : 2 content developers, 2 Animation Artists, 2 Game Developers
Content Authors : 8 volunteer Teachers

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

Initial funding is critical for us develop the core technical product of Global Primary. We can offer it to Ashoka changemakers to adapt and deploy it in their communities. We also offer technical assistance and training for social projects.