World Peace Fleet

World Peace Fleet

Sulz WW, Austria
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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We support partners who want to found peace fleet projects in their country. They receive all necessary informations about building up such a project.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Youth violence, ethnic and social prejudices, social desintegration, social exclusion - not in a specific place, but all over the world in regions which are suitable for execution of the project. (basic requirements for the project, like nautical infrastructure, are listed in franchise contracts)

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

While sailing in a licenced peace fleet partner project all participating children get a chance to abandon prejudice and hatred, to practice peaceful conflict resolution and to form friendships across ethnical, social and religious borders. The positive effects are to strengthen their social competence, capacity for teamwork and to get a sense to react responsibly. Thousands of children have taken part in the original Mirno More project (Adriatic Sea) already. But their own valuable personal experiences and effects on their lifes are not the only outcome: additionally, many newspapers, magazines, TV-reports and radio broadcasts about the project have spread an appeal for tolerance and peaceful conflict solution to a braod public. This effect can also be expected in all future partner regions.
Impact: How does it Work

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Sorry, I don´t understand what you mean with "primary activities". But I can give you an example how peace fleet project can help children and young people to develope social competence: children and teens from the edges of society are mixed with others to form the crews of sailing boats. They work together as a team, they learn to respect each other a equal team members. Take the case of one young skinhead who dropped off his bomber jacket and Doc Martens boots on the third day of project week, to join in wearing the peace-fleet T-shirt proudly. Ore take another case, when an austrian boy told us astonished what he had learned during this week: "They don´t stink, these refugee-children!"

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

As far as we know, there are no other educational sailing projects of this kind. Well, we could mention some initiatives working with young criminals, who are socially trained on sailing boats on long term cruises - but these are heavy cases and cost a lot of money. Our impact works a long time before youngsters are endangered by criminal surroundings.
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World Peace Fleet
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World Peace Fleet

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, NOS, Sulz WW

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Operating for more than 5 years

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We provide knowhow for the foundation of licenced peace fleet partner projects.

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15 years of knowhow in building up the biggest educational sailing project will help partners to develope their own local peace fleet.

Social Impact
What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Thousands of children and young people have taken part in Mirno More Peace Fleet already. Many of them twice or more. A lot of school classes experienced this kind of social learning, and there teachers gave us fantastic feedback about positive effects. Many of these teens started to engage in young organisational helping teams and now form a big community of socially engagegd young people. Some have chosen social professions, some have founded their own social projects. But all of them carry peace fleet experience in their hearts, and spread their knowledge in their personal surroundings. Additionally, a lot of media reports about peace fleet have spreaded out a message for tolerance and understanding.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

During the next 3 years we will try to install at least 10 licenced partner projects. Two are already active: Germany and New Zealand. Other contacts are developing, for instance in Thailand, Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

We have no money, it´s as simple as that, and nothing else is blocking the chances for success. To start building up the franchising project is a full time job, but my position as a general secretary is unpaid, and I live on jobless support-money, which is difficult with 4 children, and after 2008 accident, which hit our family. We try to raise interest by sponsoring companies. They can expect to present their engagement in all future partner countries, but at this moment we are still not able to draw their attention: we have no attractive Public Relation materials, this costs money. Right now we work on these materials together with freelancer student groups, but it takes long times to proceed.

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve and track growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

For year 2012 we want to install 3 licenced partner projects and motivate them to organize cruises with 2-5 ships each.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

We have to find a sponsor giving at least 25.000,- $ to be able to start real work.

Task 2

We have to support developement of our new partner organizations. ( 3 for 2012)

Task 3

We have to intensify invitations of more partner projects for the following year.

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone

Next year 2013 we want to have at least 6 active franchise partner projects.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

We have to find another sponsor giving at least 25.000,- $

Task 2

We have to spread this support to our partners whenever they are in need.

Task 3

We have to evaluate developement process and form a global network of partner projects.

Founding Story: We want to hear about your "Aha!" moment. Share the story of where and when the founder(s) saw this solution's potential to change the world [125 words]

Till the end of the eighties I was working as a captain and charter-base manager in Yugoslavia. The collapse of this country lead to several civil wars. My hometown Vienna was flooded by refugees, my friends in my second homeland – now called Croatia – hid in trenches. What could I do? I had an idea: take children from the different war parties, and let them sail "together in one boat". Give them a chance to throw away hatred and prejudice, to work together in one team, to form friendships across ethnic borders. The effects were fantastic: while their fathers were shooting at each other, the children became friends. This is how peace fleet started, and now 100 ships are sailing along the croatian coast every year flying the peace flag. But today - after having left my job due to a tragic accident - I have a NEW vision: this wonderful project can be copied worldwide - some day a hundred peace fleets will sail....

Tell us about your partnerships

Mirno More NGO (which I founded, as mentioned, 1994 and left 2010) has many partner organisations such as various schools (sending their students to participate) and many pedagogic organisations. Our new NGO World Peace Fleet is at the very start and we have only a few partners:
>Mirno More itself supports us with communicative and logistic aid;
>sunshine4kids (Turkey) runs a local peace fleet already;
>Various austrian yacht clubs have joined in as supporting members.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section? [75 words]

Our partner organisation Mirno More works with a huge team of volunteers. As soon as we can proceed with developement of our own franchise project more and more of them will join uns doing so. In this moment our team consits of app. 10 volunteers, but none of them can work for more than a few hours per week. We have to install a professional general secretary for coordination of all activities, but this can only be achieved if we manage to get financial support.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

Most needed: sponsoring cooperations. All future partner projects will be attractive to Press and TV, and our sponsors will be mentioned in these reports.
We offer knowledge in maritime matters concerning central and southern Europe as well as social pedagogic knowhow in these areas.