Curious Health Challenges/Cases solution (CHCS)

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Curious Health Challenges/Cases solution (CHCS)

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CHCS aims at mobilizing funds from individuals and the international political organizations such as the UN, EU, AU, Arab Union, Commonwealth and so on, to support curious health challenges world wide such as hole in heart(Ventricular Septal Defect), brain cancer, and so many others.

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The fact that we have taken the call for help to solve problems of curious health challenges and sought to involve a wider circle of donations on a stand-by-financing, makes it extremely unique. We are even thinking the whole issue should have been a WHO affair and for that matter,the UN general assembly to levy a percentage of GDP on all nations to build a stand-by-fund. When people are diagnosed with curious or strange health situations, such as hole in hear, split lips, no anus, popping eye and so on especially from birth, financing of the treatment becomes a problem that makes the choice of where to go for solution difficult for most patients and their families.They find themselves as the Bible people will say,'between the pursuing armies of Pharoah and the boiling Red Sea'. Therefore, we at CEIO propose setting up and internal organization (CHCS) that will sort money from the world community for this purpose. It is now clear that to help or empower the patient to make decisions with confidence and clarity, in consent with people who care and can help - that is family, friends and loved ones all around the world with the cash and medical experts with the know-how, the question of he money to meet the expenses must be answered. We must note that these kind of strange health situations occur everywhere in the world amongst both the rich and the poor and so we all need to wake up to the challenge.
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Createat International Organization
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Createat International Organization


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Createat International Organization

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P.O Box, OK 191, Kasoa, Central Region-Ghana

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Year 1: The acceptance of the setting up of CHCS by the international community
Year 2: Setting up of offices for the CHCS and publicizing its needs around the world
Year 3: Putting the finance raised to use in solving any curious or strange health issues where it may occur globally

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What will prevent the success of CHCS is the rejection of this good idea by the global community

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Createat International Organization

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In 1959, a child was diagnosed with hole-in-heart in Ghana. The parents sort public assistance for surgery abroad and they had the public sympathy but returned with a dead child. The cause being the refusal of blood transfusion on religious grounds.
In Ghana today, so many such strange health situations occur and the public is asked to donate funds to help. And we at Createat International Organization think such could be done by the state. In the face of the states refusal to adopt this as a state responsibility, we at CEIO are proposing the world participation in raising funds for such curious health cases.

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Peter Doe Dzilah, founder and President of the Createat International Organization, was at the scene when the hole-in-heart child was returned dead to Ghana. Since then, similar cases keep coming up and the conscience and sympathy of helpless public gasps and throw their hands in the air. So, he thinks the government should have taken up this challenge as they ship themselves abroad on government money.
Since they will not, why not CHCS?

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