Electronic Health Patient Dstabase at Rural Health Centre

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Electronic Health Patient Dstabase at Rural Health Centre

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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Creating a database that can be used by Public rural Health Care facilities to keep and track patients data for better references for patients

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Proper data and patients records for medical purposes in rural areas will be in place.

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The idea is unique in the sense that presently despite the great strides by the government of the Gambia in providing health care around the country, in terms of access to patients records the system is still manual and doctors in the major hospital cannot be able to access patients records to deliver references and better treatment from a distance, with the possibility of doctors within the Gambia able to access records of patients in rural public health centres in the Gambia, patients in rural areas will be able to get specialist support in areas that cannot reach due to remoteness. Public Health Care workers can now be able top get support from doctors and other specialist in treating and providing needed assistance to patients in rural areas. With the landing of a sub marine cable in the Gambia, faster Internet access around the country will enable such system to be web accessible throughout the country and create a proper support system for the public health centres in rural areas.
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The systyem when in place will improve health care delivery to children and womemn in general in rural Gambia
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The Gambia YMCA
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The Gambia YMCA


, KA

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The Gambia YMCA

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, KA

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, KA

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TYo develop the System and cross check it works properly.


My organisation has the human resources top develop the system and good support from the telecommunication company to get the required Internet Access to these public health centres when it kicks off.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Commitment and getting the right equipment to kick start it, creating a user friendly program web enabled and overall capacity building of the personnel to use the system.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Lack of providing the right professional capacity development of staff to use the system.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

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Idea phase

In what country?

, BJ

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The Gambia YMCA

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More than 5 years

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We work with the relevant NGO agency as part of the community of NGO's in the Gambia, we work with line governmental ministries on programs we involved with, this ministries support our work as they are in line with the government vision 2020.

Businesses too support our programs as need be and personnel from that sector volunteer their experts towards our programs we do.

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Capacity Building

The Story
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After I completed a course on Health INformatics at the University of PLymouth

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Public Health Care Promotional through the use of digital media

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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