Guidance on drug interactions for elders

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Guidance on drug interactions for elders

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Guidance on drug interactions for elders is a non-profit organization that helps elderly people to prevent drug on drug interactions with the help of nurses, workshops for the family of the elders and home-made drug interaction tables that can be easily used by elders at home. The nurses will spend enough time with the patients to create their own personal home-made drug on drug interaction.

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- Polypharmacy - Drug on drug interactions - patients are misinformed

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Contrary to what everybody thinks most elders in Belgium don't live in a rest-home, but most of them still live at home and receive nurse care on almost a daily basis. Polypharmacy is something that almost every elder in Belgium does know. A lot of elders take 10-15 different drugs per day and when one of those elders goes into the hospital again, chahnces are that the doctor will add other drugs for a certain period of time which will only make the list longer. Polypharmacy can be dangerous because of the risks of drug on drug interactions are higher, especially because of the bad communication among the different doctors and the pharmacist. Drug o drug interactions due to polypharmacy already led to hospitalisations of many patients which is why it is very important to introduce the patient itself and his family to this very problem. By forming a team with the family and the patient, they will feel closer to us and by making a home-made drug on drug interaction table it will allow the patient to remain his autonomy and to verify himself rather a new drug added to his list of medication can influence, increase or decrease the effect of other drugs and then he can make this remark to his doctor and talk about it. This will allow the patient and the family to be vigilant about the medication he takes.
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Guidance on drug interactions for elders
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Guidance on drug interactions for elders

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We are looking for financial partners and we are trying to raise money to be able to finance healthcare and to start this non-profit organization.


The goal of this organization is to prevent hospitalizations and others consequences caused by drug on drug interactions. We have to know that the metabolism of an elder is much more sensitive to this and that a drug in a young person's body won't work exactly the same way as in an elder person's body. So by educating ederly patients and their family and by giving them simple tools they can use at home to answer their questions they will be preventing drug on drug interactions.

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Year 1: Find financial partners who want to finance the project.

Year 2: Find the nurses to work for the organization and spread the news of the project as much as possible through a website.

Year 3: make workshops.

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Not be able to find financial partners to finance the project.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Idea phase

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Less than a year

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- Financial investment

- spread the news about the organization by starting a website and talk abou the organization.

- Recrute nurses to work for the organization.


The Story
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My thesis in college was about this subject: "polypharmacy and the risks of drug interactions, how can nurses help?" that was 5 years ago. Being a nurse makes me real close to this subject and it allows me to observe the evolution of this problem I was stunned to see that even after 5 years this problem has not been reduced by a bit so I decided that I should do something about it. Belgium is a country with a majority of elder people and most of them take more than 5 or more different drugs per day, in many cases nobody looks after the dangers that drug on drug interactions can cause and this is why I decided that there should be an organization that will manage to guide patients to prevent such problems.

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I am a nurse, I have been working for a couple of years now. I'm doing a Master in Health Management and Policy so that I can be able to manage an organization in the right way, we learn a lot about non-profit organizations which only enriches my knowledge. My dream is to someday have my own organization, an organization centered around "Health" and how to improve the health of people. Health does play a major role in my life and even if one day I will have another job, it will always have something tod o with "Health".

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