Luna Gestante Professional Support Program

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Luna Gestante Professional Support Program

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Luna Gestante is a professional support program aimed at pregnant women and / or women in postpartum period that prepares women for the experience of pregnancy through activity and exercise.

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Basically it has been financial, lack of financial resources has prevented us to bring the program to other communities. Our program is private, due to our work experience with public entities and other private companies limited our capacity to deliver the program as we planned (they said it was too expensive) and cut some o four activities, which affected our goals.

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Several things, first of all the aim of LUNA Gestante of fully recognizing the gestation process and prepare the body of pregnant women for important moments such as childbirth and postpartum, among others. Accompanied by her partner or the person they choose (if desired), this support tool will allow the mother to be the main protagonist in the process, bearing in mind that each body has its own capabilities and limitations. Further, the process is different from what is traditionally offered to this population, each pregnant woman was given a physical and nutritional assessment in advance before starting the training, this allows their body to recognize and get to work with real objectives, if necessary a psychological evaluation is performed. For the "training" we use different scenarios (gym right for them, floor exercises, swimming pool and lounge workshops), monitoring their progress quarterly, is semi-custom service (maximum 10 people per session), each activity session is two hours long (depending on the health of the mother and baby). The "work out training" is in the postpartum period (which in most cases "give" women in terms of attention), which includes the baby and a home visit to provide basic self-care guidelines and adequate stimulation during this period and again a physical and nutritional assessment of pregnant women to resume physical training taking into account the process of each woman (type of delivery, immediate postpartum condition, health of baby and mother, etc. ) in this period the intensity decreases and the objectives are different, including recovering the body of the woman there also includes a companion and reinforces the idea that the recovery process, ie it will also depend of the success.
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In our nine years of experience, our work with pregnant women has been most satisfactory, and we have come to realize its effectiveness in terms o four goal of pregnant women recognizing their body and having a leading role. Also we have realized that physical activity a and exercise are good tools to reduce risk associated to maternal and child morbidity and mortality both prenatal and postnatal. Women who were at risk with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, among others, go ahead with pregnancy processes controlled without harm to the health of the baby and without a major intervention to the woman's body (such as caesarean section), leaving women more vulnerable in their recovery period. Also the program has improved the emotional state of pregnant women allowing them to have a period of gestation and postpartum living a happy and enjoyable experience out of what has been culturally designed this biological process (give birth in pain!), This allows women to be aware of their responsibility and the importance of health for herself and the new being. The family has been a guideline that has touched the program since it has allowed couples (of any sexual orientation) to live and recognize their role in the process, since each session of the program may assist the mother with her partner or a trusted person that allows them to feel at ease.
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Luna Gestante
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Eliana Sofía

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Monroy Muñoz

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Luna Gestante



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Luna Gestante

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Calle 94 A # 69 C 34

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We have already taken the following steps: the consolidation of the idea from a theoretical framework and a scientific approach that allows us to sustain because the idea is effective, the registration of the idea in copyright, the development of a business plan allows us to visualize what are the requirements from the commercial, productive, financial and human resources areas.
Submit the proposal to national or international organizations that might endorse the idea and provide financial support for the program. Basically the first steps are already done and the last one we are developing. With the financial support necessary to evaluate which is the most appropriate way to bring the program to pregnant communities in the region and training human resources by ensuring its effectiveness.


What we hope is a financial support that would allow us to start preparing the program as soon as the business plan is updated and we are clear about the requirements, so our idea is to initially meet the pregnant population in our region (Bogotá) from the most socioeconomic vulnerable communities, with the support of all those entities that have responsibility for maternal health, public and private companies, universities, and the social security system, with the ministry, and if possible start spreading at the country level and why not worldwide!

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

In the first year basically we need financial support and support from the security system networks , buy supplies, find a site and allow access to pregnant women to receive the service.
In the second year it is necessary to establish strategic partnerships with public entities to allow access the most vulnerable communities, and contact universities that have academic programs in health areas to strengthen human resources and have a support from the scientific and academic sectors.
In the third year it is necessary to find strategies to 1. bring the program to other sites in the region or country where they have higher rates of mortality and morbidity 2. take the proposal to public policy so that is disseminated to different stakeholders in the health system.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Basically it would be the lack of financial support, since we already have contact with people and organizations that could refer pregnant women to us. Another obstacle would be to access the public policy arena, to transform our program in a public policy.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Less than a year

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They are all critical because the success of the program relies upon them, although we had difficulties, these entities are already asking us to run our program in a facility, therefore we have not made materials such partnerships, without the government’s support, is unlikely that the program be implemented in the regions of the country where the service is required, if this program were part of public policy could be more efficient service to the pregnant population and then each woman would get what they need in full measure, companies are an important partnership because this program could provide their communities with a good process and decrease the costs and risks of women who work during their pregnancy, we could also make alliances that would allow a stronger interdisciplinary group aligned with related procedures in terms of social organizations we think these are quite important since it is them who could assist the program to determine which populations are most vulnerable to change, and how they could be socially and culturally approached.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Have a financial back up
2. Establish partnerships with companies, universities and the government.
3. Train human resources in the regions where the program would take place to warrantee a high quality service.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

The story that made me think of this idea goes back basically to my teenage years, I was the eldest daughter of four children of a family of low socioeconomic status, with a stable education and training through the discipline and affection of her parents, but that lack of management in the adolescence, I made "mistakes" in my life as a woman, I got "pregnant" at 16 years from a child like me, 15 years old, and with great frustration, however I had unconditional support from my parents I made it out of "trouble" because of inadequate medication from a general practitioner the life of my first baby was in danger, obviously, not to mention guilt, the stigma of society then generated family problems that almost dissolve it, from there the issue of motherhood caused me great frustration and doubt, over time at 29 years I try, without intention and without awareness (because let's be honest, 95% of the population are children not planned) and listless start in the middle of academic and employment challenges my new "pregnancy", working in one of the programs designed for pregnant population stratum 6 (the highest in my country) and because a misunderstanding, they fired me at 7 months pregnant, for no reason, no compensation and without any consideration, so my life begins with maternal anxiety about my future, academic performance and work. Finally at 36 weeks and a wrong indication of the general practitioner (because at that point I had not seen any OB!), On October 31, 2006 my baby died, and that's what in a clinic is called a "fetal Ovìt" My life is destroyed and again I have frustrations on the issue, they let me in the hospital for about 48 hours in a cold room, dark and lonely (the couple can not go why?? I did not know but wondered ...) with my grief and feeling inconsolable until the Pitocin kicked in I can dilate up to 10 cm, and without any psychological support through natural birth I gave birth to a dead baby, now I know more about it , could have lived like any other without any alteration. In addition and without any remorse EPS denied me the possibility of my maternity leave, because supposedly there was "living product" as well?? I was producing things?? Then finish no job, no money, no family and most importantly no child again ...
So in the midst of my situation as I prepare to adverse observe and investigate in more detail the situation of women "pregnant" in Colombia and concluded that if it really is embarrassing, angry, sad, frustrating, have a condition as beautiful as it is being a mother . However, after a year of study and analysis of the conditions offered by the health care system for pregnant women in Bogota and then to organize my life and finally I'm expecting a new baby, with all the care needed and that my view of my profession, physiotherapy, give birth to a beautiful baby, then Ariadne and my other two children (dead, Angel and Antonia) become a reason to consolidate this idea.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Well it would be unfair to say that it is only one person who came up with this idea, we are a group of health, sports and human sciences professionals (physical educator, sociologist and Physiotherapist), since our interest for expectant mothers and by the redefinition of pregnancy as a biological process that has several facets to integrate, we started the idea of LUNA Gestante.
But if we were talking about my biography, I could say I'm Muñoz Monroy Eliana Sophia, eldest daughter of a low income family of four children, a daughter of a professor of mathematics and physics and a woman potter, with a good projection since despite being poor, I could study without a hitch, which generated a huge interest in the academia, I become a physiotherapist from the National University of Colombia, one of the most recognized in my country and with strong elements of culture and social problems facing my community (the focus of the alma mater), my interest in physical activity and exercise back in my childhood when my father especially focuses on the benefits of it over my health, hence the motivation for physiotherapy together by a sense of service to others, in 2001 completed my undergraduate and in 2005 started the MBA, for my story (above) I realize that one of the solutions to health problems and especially the pregnant population is generated from the way they manage resources and health services, since that's where you can start "to untangle the knot, however, much remained to be done, so from 2006 is possible my association as a teacher from several universities (National University, Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana and Colombian School of Rehabilitation) to start the training of new young professionals in the area of maternal health, which currently I practice with great satisfaction.
Making a summary of my professional work basically could list the work sites including sports medical centers world wide recognition and EPS, with the help of the National University of Colombia finished the business plan that consolidates more material to our proposal and Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana we are negotiating for diploma courses in obstetrics to occupational physical activity and health. Also we have a small "office" where we serve pregnant women, we are currently in the process of registration in the Chamber of Commerce.

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