"Medicine", is a profession? or Business?!

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"Medicine", is a profession? or Business?!

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When it comes to "Medicine", it involves “Life” saving, protecting, preventing, or “HARMING” of others!?
As a physician, how do we see our "patients"? … A “case study”, “an Object”, or …?
What about the “patient’s” point of view? Questions were needed to be asked and seek for TRUE answers?

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The Problems usually comes from the cultural issues, different law and legislations on countries when it comes to the right of the doctor-patients and the health system. The political issues involves in the system. The public believes and myths that doctors are “God/Godess” and no word from patient should have said… in general they put their lives into the doctors hand with the trust that they have no right or know anything about the procedures and doctors know the best for them but how much this trust is violated that’s where all the horrifying stories coming from. So the most important step is to educating the public.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We “ALL” throughout our lives been either a “patient” or “Physician” . Have we always treated “right” by either group? “Questions” we needed to ask ourselves…! By raising this question, we hear millions of stories about how we got mistreated, neglected, abused, violated, killed,… by our doctors or health system. This Subject involves the whole “Doctor-Patient–Health System” positions, relationships, outcomes and result towards healthier lives with least harm and violations of one another. What has happened to the promise of oath “FIRST DO No HARM” responsibilities as health professional as well as patients, who seek an honest, expert, passionate professionals help to improve our health condition? As a founder of World United Women with the mission promoting “Health “and “Education” emphasizing on women and children with no exception of men globally, having a strong concern on this world wide issue that needed to be addressed seriously. “Medicine” has turned to an ethical and moral free profession with a potential of a money making business regardless of the patients benefits who mostly were treated as an “object”!
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Tried to make a good impact in improving a better awareness through my Workshops, seminars, TV show on "Balanced Life" try to promote the public awareness and educate people to become an educated patient about their own health issues and wellness before the visit their health practionners. Teach them their rights and available choices when it comes to their health and lives. Encourage them always seek for second or more opinion about their diagnosis, treatments and potential suggested surgeries. And in general encourage the public to break the wall in between doctor-patient and encourage the fellow health practionners to seek for least harmful procedure with the most beneficial results for the patients.
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World United Women (WUW)
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World United Women (WUW)/Balanced Life Institute


, CA, Los Angeles County

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World United Women (WUW)

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585 Palm Dr. #5 Glendale, CA, 91202

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, CA, Los Angeles County

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Education, education,..."Knowledge is Power" of course with "ACTION".


This must become a “GLOBAL MOVEMENT” for the public protection and awareness, on anything in concern their health and wellness, they needed to be seeing with consideration with their direct involvement and rights. The support of law and regulations is to be a major move to be considered.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

We encourage the fellow health practionners to be more conscious about the ethic and morality of their profession and see their patients with a consideration of a person as a whole with feelings, thoughts with body -mind related setting and not just as a body parts and cases or less just business oriented one. Therefore any suggestions and offered procedures needed to be investigated carefully of their safeties’ first. As well raise the patient awareness about their rights and educate them more on the most up to dated researches and news on medical findings, teach them about their individual capacities and eventually the key to all “a Balanced Life System” . Since women are more concern about the health of themselves and their families , this plays a major role in our mission of my non-profit organization to become more determinate than ever about the people health and education , as we say, “World United women for Balanced Life”. This should be an ongoing major focus globally to avoid the health and medical conflictions and disasters on daily basis for the next three years or longer ..

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The non cooperative health practionners and patients in seeing the sensitivity of the matter in a deeper level and its consequences. The governments control and political issues and of course the investors on the whole medical industries as a money making profession and not seeing the other side of coin.

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More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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, CA, Los Angeles County

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World United Women (WUW)

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1‐5 years

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The organization is not partnership with any organization. However, The presence of any support and connection with other group could help us more strongly to continue our mission globally with better results.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Our organization work is mainly based on volunteerism and donation with a very minimum budget that makes more difficult to pursue our goals in a higher level such as medical researchers, scholarships and promotional marketing globally to spread the empowering public awareness.

The Story
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Losing two of my family members, my mother and younger brother due to the medical mistakes, lack of communications and awareness led me to focus on this worldwide public health issue.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Traveling, living in different countries, Europe, North America, especially in the Middle East like Iran and observing the ongoing mess all around were occupied my mind to search for different avenues to stop the manmade disasters done by the highest prestige professional in our society.

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Iranian- American Medical Association