THE RED TENT Urban Installations

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THE RED TENT Urban Installations

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Innovative Campaign on Sexual and Reproductive Rights in pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. It is composed by urban installations, information and opinion shaping activities.Main goal: discourage the idea of pregnancy-illness, pregnancy-medicalization (WHO), responsible of unnecessary practices. Dissociate the "patient" label from pregnant women, as if they were suffering from a disease. Since we

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We address this problem since it is a very significant expression of gender structural violence which is slightly visible in our country. Because it is necessary to create awareness within the women's and feminist movement about the fact that it is enough to leave the sexual and reproductive health process in hands of the medical field (because it is sexist and hierarchical). Because there must be public debate on the way we are giving birth and being born. Because we don't have to think only what medicine makes with women when giving birth, but what women do with ourselves and our rights. The effort to restore women and their emotional background supporting her, the place of prominence corresponding to her, without denying nor underestimating the benefits of technological medical advances which have contributed to maternal and baby's health. The proposed humanization of the process of giving birth in no way implies the abandonment of professional assistance at the moment of delivery. This professional accompaniment (which in low-risk deliveries corresponds to midwives) is essential for the proper development of deliveries. In connection with the social and cultural context, w

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The fact that our work focuses on generating bridges between the "regulations" and their fulfillment and appropriation by the population.Thus improving significantly their quality of life. Familiarizing discourses with daily practices. We understand that in order to be able to enforce a human right, people have to be aware of it first, that is why our goal is that this Campaign reaches and creates awareness on the whole society, both in the health system, women organizations and mainly in women and their emotional environments who planned to bring new lives to the world. We deal with a significant dimension of structural violence in the Sexual and Reproductive Rights field, in particular in connection with obstetric assistance during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. Being said violence invisible in our society, we are suggesting ways to start to eradicate it: by summoning women to take control of their bodies. The problem is the result of the historical repression on female sexuality, extreme and invasive medicalization of the women's body and the hierarchal and commercial structure of medicine, of the cultural intention to have maximum control over all events of life and sexism and universal gender inequity.
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We found that there is an increasing and progressive control of the body, loss of fears, prejudices and taboos when women and their emotional backgrounds are able to participate in appropriate information and training activities about pregnancy, delivery and puerperium processes. Women achieve an improved self confidence and manage to overcome the deeply rooted idea in the health system which considers giving birth as a disease and as strictly medical act, by taking control of the bodies and the vital process. As a result of changing those ideas, a better quality of life is achieved and it strengthens the women's relationships with their emotional environments, thus achieving greater shared responsibility in the sexual division of work. In Redda's extensive path we have confirmed the "resonances" of the system in the resistance towards developing a new paradigm in terms of human and reproductive rights and women's rights. We have a long way to go with new proposals aimed at a gender shared action avoiding segregation and in no way replacing one system by the other but like GarcíaMárquezexpresses when he writes about the "very old certainty that the most dreaded of enemies is within ourselves".
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Relacahupan Uruguay (Red por la Humanización del Parto y nacimiento) REGIONAL PANDO.
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Tania Katiusha

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Relacahupan Uruguay (Red por la Humanización del Parto y nacimiento) REGIONAL PANDO.

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Relacahupan Uruguay (Red por la Humanización del Parto y nacimiento) REGIONAL PANDO.

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: 6011462 por la RELACAHUPAN Coordinadora Nacional- y 2956407 por la Coordinación Regional PANDO

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Alonso y Trelles 55 bis casi Rosalía de Castro. Paso Carrasco, Canelones Uruguay. (SEDE CENTRAL) Ruta 8 km 35.500 Chacra DON JUA

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Campaign's Scope and Strategy:
A. Mass Media: a press conference will be held at the Campaign's launch and dissemination whenever the Tent is set up. Radio sport will sent to main radio stations in the country as well as to communitarian radio networks.
B. Women making use of heath center's services: activities will be disseminated through graphic material. In addition to mouth to mouth invitation generated by over 15 midwives and doulas who belong to the Network and work in those health centers.

C. Women's organizations and movements: they will be invited to play an active role in the Red Tent's activities. Either by supporting the activity as well as by spreading the specific and territorial issues of the gender equity work they carry out in their organizations or groups.
D. Health Programs and Educational Centers: ProgramaMujer y Género -Women and Gender Program- of the Ministry of Public Health and Escuela de Parteras- Midwives' school- will be mainly invited to participate in the Red Tent installations.
E. Actions and agendas wit the various civil society organzations of the country who are interested in promoting the Campaign's development will be coordinated.


Result 1: Uruguayan women have access to quality information to enforce their sexual and reproductive rights during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium.
Result 2: A massive dissemination tool - radio spots - about humanized delivery in Uruguay is introduced and spread within the whole country.
Result 3: Institutional violence towards women in the sexual and reproductive rights field, in particular in connection with obstetric assistance during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium is included in the public agenda in our country.

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Coordinadora de RELACAHUPAN Uruguay.

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Less than a year

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We apply the principle of joint action and unification criteria agreements to influence on the formulation of public policies, dealing with the difference as the basis for governance.
By respecting that although each institution has its particularity it will always need from other entities since we believe that any problem is solved unidirectionally.

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The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Several years working with women from the most varied socio economic sectors led me to think about the sexism problem and its implications in our lives from the so naturalized everyday vocabulary to the allocation of roles and function, thus discovering the depht of the long learned cultural roots. The gender segregation "new models" left out half of the population involved, thus repeating the same problem the other way round. In this manner the achievements by one party where invalidated by the other party who kept pulling the other to perpetrate the established normality. Thus we thought about unification roads, about bridges who manage to connect both sides of the gap by breaking the "egocentric shield" of the conquered mentality, typical of our Latin America, of each gender and of the collective individualism generated by our society.
The passion for transmitting an ideology able to change the established order is one of the aims shared with the working team.

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Since I was thirteen I was influenced by a women who used to visit poor houses in the most impoverish neighborhoods to provide emotional relief to children and women; it was my mother, a teacher who devoted her life to her profession.
I was always certain that I will work on social problems and I gathered experience in different "technical" schools.
I hardly agreed with established and this led me to experience several deserts which although they we long and lonely that left the best lessons of my life, because whenever it seemed that I would die of thirst there appeared water which refreshed and renewed my being, in this manner I meet two people who marked my life, Elvira Lutz and ArnaldoGomensoro, two thinkers, philosophers who say important things with simple words, unyielding critics, integral feminists, unique individuals, my teachers, they changed my life, extended my vision and they still provide me with guidance through this journey of life.
When I was 38 years old I gave birth to Women's Embassy, a bridge, a meeting point, a different way to
actively adapt to the realities that we have to live. By respecting essential Human Rights and the rights of every person to a life free of prejudices of myths and taboos. Shaping critical opinion, educating for life. By fully addressing genuine problems and aiming at generating new lines to achieve more loving and fulfilling lives.

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