Tech4agri: the web series

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Our web series is a youth led media production that features technology, innovation, climate change and successes in agriculture acting as a support structure for relevant information and as a motivational force for the sector. This series is made through the use of mobile and drone journalism.

SDU Seva, Inc.


Social change and mainstream media do not have to be mutually exclusive. By creating and producing social issue tv, digital and news shows we inspire and incite action through awareness. The medium to create awareness, attitude change and action are through the multiple screens we see daily.

Khethi Ngwenya's New Entry


SchoolMedia was founded in 2010 and ever since we have made it possible for government and private sector to be in touch with the youth market creating marketing strategies that benefit the brand and youth environment.
Part of our revenue goes back into the school in a form of development.



Boost Eco bags are paper bags which will serve as a new medium of communication, for consumer brand companies to target their customers, and also raise awareness about recycling and the importance of protecting the environment. These paper bags will constitute a free packaging solution in Cameroon.

The Global Good Fund (GGF)

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Imagine you're a young social entrepreneur in need of leadership development. You have limited financial resources and unbridled commitment to your cause. The GGF launched the world’s first evidence-based leadership assessment tool, the 360 MIRROR, explicitly designed for social entrepreneurs.



"Trabaja Mamá" is a virtual platform that understands the economic burden of Companies, foundations, institutions and government agencies and offers its service to publish in its digital platform "temporary jobs" that can be performed by fulltime mothers from the confort of their home.

Elodie Pameole's New Entry

Mon projet : Galilée Communication serait une société dont le but serait de promouvoir les innovation éthiques.
1 - La mode éthique
2 - Les initiatives RH éthiques avec communication de masse auprès des organisations, médias,presse
3 - Les initiatives concrètes de la vie quotidienne

Thabang Magwena's New Entry

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

A youth radio station concerned with empowering youth through education and life skills. Link young people to stakeholders in education, sport and arts and culture in efforts to ensure that they reach their dreams. Advocate on policies that affect young people and speak against any form of abuse.


Free Market Research for all.
What if you make a party and no one comes?, that's business everyday, that's the iron law of the market.
We provide a deal of the day site, and a market research survey management system, for everyone with an idea, for free.
So small businesses get a chance