Farm this City


If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution. Our vision is “Everyone a Farmer” with FtC cultivating the links, networks, sharing, and collaboration between those already “farming” social, economic, and environmental solutions to the city’s problems.

YES Services for Decent Work

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Awareness, combined with Equipment, creates space for Involvement. Involvement is fueled by Engagement which gives foundation to Accountability. Here you have your Smooth Management with Increased Productivity and Tighter Loyalty. Want to give a try? Just say, YES!


Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Binapani, goddess of learning-knowledge, Tailors is basically a project for making male shirts and kurta out of traditional hand woven Tangail cloth that helps adolescent girls and boys to sustain their higher education and develop entrepreneurial skills to run their own business.



A través del reciclaje y reutilización tanto de ropa usada como de desperdicios textiles, REUTEX busca fomentar el talento mexicano creando productos innovadores y de calidad, que contribuyan a la creación de empleos justos y a la disminución del impacto ambiental que genera la industria textil.



talentify.me is an online platform empowering young people in peer-to-peer learning. Together with companies and partners, basic professional trainings are offered for young people to help them find out about their talents and provide them job opportunities.



1) To reduce the worker’s physical effort or overstrain when carrying goods.
2) To avoid potential damage, such as lumbalgia, caused by overstrain.
3) To improve the worker’s life quality, extending working life.
4) To reduce the absenteeism in companies caused by sick leave.



Netwookie matches job requests and job seekers for the apparel industry. We connect people online and offline to maximise their potential in the most challenging environments of the world. Netwookie targets slum communities, promoting opportunity for women and youth for a brighter future.