Weaving Destination


Weaving Destination promotes the finest ethical eri-silk and vintage inspired organic cotton fabrics and products internationally that are hand-woven by vulnerable indigenous women from the BTC, Assam, India in order to create sustainable livelihood and income generation opportunities for them.



Qiui is a game board device that captivates the attention and stimulates the imagination, through brainy challenge games. It progressively learns from the user to challenge him and help him to improve his skills.

Ciclo Orgânico


We are a social business, dedicated on co-creating a zero waste community. We believe that people, bikes, buckets and composting bins are that perfect recipe to achieve that goal. And through a pedal-powered collection and decentralized compost service, you can change the destiny of our community.

Peshawar 2.0

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Peshawar 2.0 is our dream city. A city of technology, design and art.
We are a social enterprise that aims to rebuild and rebrand the city of Peshawar by empowering the youth to innovate and build startup companies.
We work with all stakeholders in a holistic way to build a local startup ecosyste


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Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfill dreams & create a change. DIS IS ABILITY reveals the true hidden potentials of such sector promoting social equity in education, employment, health care and environmental services for better life.



Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.We are recycling waste and worn out tyres to generate bitumen which is used for tarmacking of roads.
We are also generating copper wires from waste to be sold to electrical firms.
We also grind tyres powder.

The Strong Woman Initiative

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The strong woman initiative (TSWI) is a nonprofit human capacity development foundation that believes the woman has great strength embedded within her and this strength can cause tremendous global change when harnessed properly, hence our aim of helping young women find that strength and be resource