Glenz Bakes


We believe in a society wherein everyone deserves to have make a living & have decent work using a simple skill of baking. We address poverty & unemployment through baking. We bake breads as well as bricks
Traditionally bricks were baked
We bake to inspire. We bake to empower. We bake to innovate.



Female unemployment is worse than that of males in Kenya.  Young women in rural areas account for the largest number of unemployed people. Totohealth has developed a skills training program that will enable 1,500 teen-mums acquire employable skills to access decent work and defeat poverty.

Joy Ajuzie's New Entry


With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted. They are called the MILLENNIALS. This untapped savvy and educated group, aspire to live with happiness and purpose. They focus on community and connections and thrive by becoming a part of a movement.

Link Your Purpose (LYP)


Link Your Purpose (LYP) is an innovative social enterprise. It is the first of its kind, using cutting-edge technology and new testing methods that are fun and accessible to help young people in Jamaica to identify and fulfil their career goals. LYP hopes to revolutionize career services in schools.

Denisse Kuri


Denisse Kuri comes with the mission of preserving the tradition of indigenous textiles, the valuation of women, and their emotional and economic independence, integrating neglected communities, making the importance of their work and their costumes for our culture is known.

Kumasi Hive


Kumasi Hive is a Tech and entrepreneurship support multi-space which seeks to nurture local innovations and supports the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the youth to solve critical challenges in our society and also to accelerate needed transformation in the lives of the people.