Comercio justo

Craft Talk Agency


Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight. We’re an Artisan Agency which forges relationships of trust with traditional artisans (mostly women from the global south). We share knowledge, best practices, and connections to collaboratively develop their business and make them stars!

FairWear Inc.


FairWear is a social enterprise built to address garment worker abuse and poverty in large scale manufacturing in Bangladesh and other developing countries. By building a sustainable model for ethical large scale manufacturing we can change the way our clothes impact the lives of the global poor.

AWANA: Un producto de Bolivia para el mundo


AWANA es una microempresa de carácter social dedicada a la trasformación de fibra de llama en finos hilados semi industriales.
Articulamos a 3 asociaciones de criadores de camélidos , 1 microempresa de producción de hilado de llama, 4 asociaciones artesanales de mujeres mineras , 2 asociaciones de artesanas rurales y dos centros de madres del área sub urbana de la ciudad de Tupiza, la asociación de minusválidos y artesanos de la cárcel.

Warm Regards


Warm Regards aims to create beautiful and stylish apparel using earth safe products. Our apparel is created in an atmosphere of joy and respect. We aim to generate wealth through conscious and responsible business activities for us while creating unique products for the consumers.