Consumo responsable

BeeKeeper Parade


BeeKeeper Parade uses discarded fabric and textile waste headed for Cambodian landfill and transform them into sustainable backpacks. We hold talks at schools in Australia, connecting their consumer spending decisions with the makers and show the devastating impact this may have on our environment.



PutO.N. takes up a social mission, actively promoting awareness of conflict-related sexual violence and gender based violence while aiming to provide sustainable income to survivors through opening access to fair employment in the fashion industry. Dressed for change, conscious fashion.



Nisolo is a socially conscious lifestyle brand, connecting low resource, high skill producers to consumers worldwide. Carefully designed for quality, comfort, style, and longevity, Nisolo shoes and accessories benefit both maker and purchaser, fostering stable producers and changemaking consumers.

Ciclo Orgânico


We are a social business, dedicated on co-creating a zero waste community. We believe that people, bikes, buckets and composting bins are that perfect recipe to achieve that goal. And through a pedal-powered collection and decentralized compost service, you can change the destiny of our community.



CONECTAGRO is a platform that combines agriculture and e-commerce, with the aim of generating a meeting point where little farmers promote and sell their products or surplus a just price in local, municipal, state and regional markets.



Zero is a pre-sale crowdfunding platform that aims to aid new designers by enabling the production of collections through a sustainable supply chain. It seeks to empower and certify both the local Brazilian design, workforce and raw material.



Project JUST, is a collection of 150+ fashion brands, categorized by social, environmental and aesthetic factors, designed to empower shoppers and the industry with the stories behind our clothing. The platform aggregates and distills data from our research and contributions of our online community.



In a world where you need connections to get that dream job, the only solution is freelancing.
Forget the old ways of bias hiring and enter the new age where skills matter.
We treat every job like the profession it is.

Hause Nü


“Pack to the Roots”–a backpack full of intelligent design,traditional textile crafts and social engagement for Vietnam.We introduce a new philosophy of textile manufacturing to industrialisation affected countries through vocational workshops. We build an open video source platform for transparency.