Khalid Al-Khudair is promoting employment opportunities for women in the Saudi Arabia though the use of online platforms that connect employers to qualified women looking for work.

Partnering for Excellence: Innovations in Science + Technology + Engineering + Math (STEM) Education



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The Changemakers global community, our expert panel of judges, and the competition sponsors have the eight winners

Winners Announced!

Carnegie Corporation of New York, Opportunity Equation, and Ashoka Changemakers launched the Partnering for Excellence collaborative competition to find innovative approaches to inspiring STEM-rich learning in our classrooms by connecting students with STEM professionals.

Free Tax Software: An Affordable Do-It-Yourself Solution

While most of us dread filing our taxes, there's something to cheer about this year: cash-strapped taxpayers now have an easier path to their refunds. Free tax preparation software, based on an H&R Block professional product, is being given away by more than 90 United Way affiliates nationwide to anyone earning $56,000 or less annually.


The Chore N Snore

Have you ever been sitting on the couch laying on a pillow, but then realized you needed a table to write something on, or set your popcorn bowl? Or maybe you were taking a nap and woke up needing to do homework and then had to get up and move to sit at a table, how inconvenient was that?

Surgical Tracking Lamp

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The Surgical Tracking Lamp is the next level of surgical assistance. Using a motion sensor system in the doctor’s eyepiece, the Surgical Tracking Lamp would self-adjust to keep the patient within its light. This could save critical time in a procedure, making the difference between life and death.

Mark It Now

Scheduling is a necessity in today’s hectic world where planners do show a very concise and easily visible view of one’s week. Only issue is it would be difficult to bring with you everywhere but one thing most people bring is their cellphone. My project is to sync all your dates onto a touchscreen



Organisations and businesses around the world are looking for effective ways to reduce staffing cost, hire talented technical people who can add value and innovate within their organisations. At eWorker we provide them with access to the most talented, driven & smartest developers in Africa.

Yahoo Technical Support

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Yahoo mail account got compromised or hacked? Call immediately on Yahoo Technical Support and service Telephone Number 1-800-778-9936 and we secure Your Yahoo Email account immediately. Our Yahoo Technical experts are 24/7 available for Yahoo Technical Problems. Just Dial our Toll Free Number.