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Solar for Seniors

Provide the upfront capital to install solar power at low income senior's household in locations where governments offer generous gross feed-in-tariffs (FIT). Once installed the FIT will over time repay the initial capital back to the organisation. We plan on giving the household a percentage of the returns, while using the left over funds to install more systems at other low-income households.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Forests for Haiti

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Maya Nut "food forests" will provide food, jobs and income for Haitian women and their families. Maya Nut (Brosimum alicastrum) is a drought resistant, delicious and nutritious rainforest tree which provided a staple food for hunter-gatherers throughout the neotropics. The seed is as nutritious as soy and the leaves are excellent high protein fodder for goats, cows, pigs and turkeys.

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Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge “harnesses the power of universities and youth to build a healthy, fair and green food economy.“ Comprised of thousands of students on hundreds of campuses—including heavy representation in New England—the Real Food Challenge (RFC) is working to get colleges and universities to invest $1 billion of their (collective) food-dollars in community based and ecologically sound food enterprises and farms. The RFC empowers students while it supports vibrant local businesses, small- and mid-size farmers, and local workers.



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Small Wind Turbine: Local, Renewable Energy Demonstration at Black Rock Forest

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We are midway through a permitting process to install a small (200 watt, 12 volt) Air Breeze wind turbine for research, education and demonstration purposes at Black Rock Forest Consortium. The Consortium is an environmental nonprofit organization that maintains a private forest preserve and educates nearly 13,000 visitors a year.

Sit Down, Rise Up

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Sit Down Rise Up will expand the teachings of non-religious mindfulness practice to an ever-growing audience, to achieve lasting change in the areas of climate change, consumption, and environmental awareness. Through live events, a growing online presence, and the compound benefits of each mindfulness practicioner we will change the world from the inside out with compassion.

Sustainable Farming for Guatemala

ASOSA provides farmers with free long-term technical assistance for every aspect of the transition to sustainable growing, and access to purchasable products that optimize sustainable practices. The sales method is simple and collaborative: by jointly designing and implement tests with farmers to showcase the efficacy of sustainable growing techniques and products working together they prove that sustainable farming is competitive in the short term and far superior in the long term. The success of ASOSA=agricultural change that is ecological.



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Community Farming/Compost Projects


50 words or fewer : For Green Mountain Coffee Roasters as a whole company, to invite the surrounding communities to take advantage of our new compost collecting program.To include communities ability to acquire free compostable coffee grounds,for use in personal,community,school,and food shelter sustainable Farming/Gardening projects. Use GMCR Employees to volunteer to help and sustain annualy