Cambio climático

*Y.C.* Improved Cook Stoves


I will create a company that produces different improved cook stoves for different countries, distributes them globally, and does research and development for continual improvements in efficiency and decrements in emissivity addressing maternal and childhood health as well as affecting the environmental contribution to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


This project intends to involve local women to spell out their problems so that a common solution can be found out in the area to establish the rights of women in the rural areas.

Maximo Diesel

Maximo Diesel is a product line for fleet owners of diesel vehicles. Maximo Diesel is a product that increases fuel efficiency of diesel vehicles and reduces exhaust emissions, greenhouses gases.
The importance of the products is that it saves the consumer money by saving on fuel costs.


India is highly prone to disasters affecting 10 million people annually. Project COMVOX,will produce short films/ documentaries about vulnerable poplations, coping mechanisms, support structure and efforts of different agencies towards disaster preparedness and mitigation and upload as web magazine.

Northeast India Mission :: Projecting Northeast India to the world

Telecast programs in field of music etc broadcasting in local-cables in Northeast India.Later on South Asian countries like Bhutan,etc2attract ideas, investors etc from such region in their national channels.Motivate local youths come up with innovative ideas2make NE region home4every1.Answer through medium of journalism.Used Internet n connect with south-region more closely


Thisplace'10" is an innovation in storytelling and charitable giving designed to contribute towards a solution for Biodiversity Loss. It will use an online/offline storybook format to capture personal biodiversity stories/issues via twitter and connect them to a mass audience in a way that allows people to make a positive change

Planetwize Music

We are iTunes meets Activism. Every download on supports one of our non-profit partners. We turn music-lovers into activists by making it easy to support a cause with every album. Music cuts across all boundaries, and it is our tool of choice for changing the world.