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Satisfeito Project

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Participating restaurants are encourage to adopt techniques to reduce food waste and offer dishes that engage customers to consume consciously, the so-called "Satisfeito Dishes ". Those dishes prevent the food waste and restaurant saves money. Part of the sales can be donated to fight child hunger.


Recored decrease carbon dioxide generated by industries and companies compensating through recycling and promoting the sustainable transport.
We reward the green behaviours of your employees.
Every action counts.

Orora Global,Inc.


Orora Global is a social enterprise with the focus to eliminate the problem of energy poverty in developing countries. We focus on breaking down all barriers of access to provide affordable and reliable cleantech solutions to rural and semi-urban communities in emerging markets.


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SERES programs inspire, mobilise and unleash youth leadership for community resilience to a changing climate. Using transformative sustainability leadership, SERES equips young people with the tools to drive change for the public good and start transforming their communities, networks and society.


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The project Boron aims to make the access to clean energy easier and satisfy the basic needs of heating and cooking by offering a wide range of products that reduce effectively toxic emissions and last longer than traditional charcoal.


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GreenLoo provides a public health service: it is a portable dry toilet that targets rural areas that suffer from the lack of sanitation. It also uses the human waste (urine and feces) and transforms it into a fertilizer throughout a simple process.


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Indoor air pollution, caused by wood and charcoal smoke, is responsible for respiratory, heart and eye problems. What we propose is an improved cook stove, reducing the consumption of wood and charcoal and offering a complete combustion compared to traditional stoves.

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"Safa" is a project that aims to build a sustainable activity of production and selling of efficient inexpensive water purification solutions provided by people in disadvantaged position in favor of a population facing significant challenges for sustainable access to safe drinking water.



Reverse is a shared management platform of waste, which seeks to engage people, institutions and companies to build a sustainable world, through a map indicating the proper disposal point of waste, a portal for awareness and education, and some waste management tools to the public sector.