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People loose precious time/money finding the right doctor. MediNav is the only system that helps people quickly find solutions for their symptoms. It is possible to also consider patient's medical history. 

Health Aid


Thousands of people die and suffer due to their inability to afford healthcare. Health Aid is a revolutionary idea that will enable the people to crowdfund for healthcare and help those in need, simply by contributing small amounts of their time. 

Making More Mental Health

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MyMind is an affordable and accessible mental health care service with a self-referral model. MyMind offers a pay scale to clients, so the unemployed and full time students are able to avail of discounted rates. We have a multidisciplinary team working in over 10 languages.

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Leading Health Care Company Challenges World to Co-Create

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Pharmaceuticals in partnership with Ashoka Changemakers, today announced a global challenge inviting social innovators to co-create with the business sector.  The challenge, conveniently named Co-Creating a Healthier World, calls on social innovators in the health and wellness field to uncover the next generation of sustainable health solutions by combining their innovative ideas with the business acumen of Boehringer Ingelheim’s global employee workforce.

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Siel Bleu Ireland


Siel Bleu Ireland is a social enterprise that utilises specialised physical activities to improve the lives of older populations. Our specially designed evidence based exercise programmes counteract sedentary lifestyles, prevent illness and promote active and healthy ageing.

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GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social awareness, health consciousness, healthy relationships, and positive self-esteem. We teach students they have choices & help cultivate well-rounded youth who make positive contributions to the world.