Wikiloc: Blazing Trails for Geotourism

Nobody was more surprised that Wikiloc’s website for crowdsourcing hiking and walking trails was a winner of the Changemakers / National Geographic 2009 Geotourism Challenge than its founder, Jordi Ramot.

The soft-spoken, pony-tailed software engineer was invited to travel from his home in the Pyrenees mountains in northeast Spain to the annual Geotourism Change Summit at National Geographic’s headquarters last week in Washington, D.C. where he was “amazed to be able to work with people from National Geographic.”



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What are the challenges and obstacles children face in life today at home and school? Where can parents, as well as communities, turn to for assistance and support on children achieving more in life? Imagine a youth program that bridges the gap between life and sports. Results, 100% of the time.



Spark will bring gamification to "acts of kindness," providing a form of measurement and fun to doing good deeds in the world. Using gaming concepts, we want to generate a Spark that catches fire in the same manner that other apps and devices achieve behavior change with fitness and exercise.

Girls in Motion

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Girls in Motion is a strategy to educate girls about the importance of enjoyable participation in physical activity as well as enhance their overall well being and health. It will empower girls to breakdown gender barriers, be active and be successful in reaching their health and personal goals.

Educación en la Diversidad

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Encontrarse en la Diversidad es una propuesta que apunta a encontrarse con uno/a mismo/a a la vez que con los/as Otros/as. A partir de espacios de reflexión y debate proponemos el encuentro como herramienta para deconstruir prejuicios, construyendo identidades múltiples y complejas.

Hogares Indígenas

Líderes mapuches capacitados en historia, derechos, comunicación y políticas públicas, capaces de mantener alianzas estratégicas con otros movimientos sociales y espacios de diálogo con autoridades políticas y "policy makers".

Linkages To Learning


The Summit Hall After-School Dance Club is an program for children who lacks access to extracurricular activities that contribute to their social, emotional and physical development. Dancing have components that contribute to the children self-confidence, positive outlook, fitness, and well being.


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Trabajar con diferentes grupos de personas victimas y desplazadas por la violencia interna en Colombia, desde talleres informativos, guía hacia las redes gubernamentales, apoyo psicosocial y ayuda en satisfacer necesidades básicas (alimentación, vivienda, salud, vestido, etc).