Nourishing Roots

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Nourishing Roots is a project designed to found a NGO that will teach holistic healing, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness in rural and poverty-stricken locations.
It is a travel, research, and humanitarian relief campaign to raise $10,000 and positively benefit the world.

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FOX 'News' has succeeded in creating the huge gap between the rich and the poor by spreading misinformation and fear mongering. seeks to neutralize those negative effects by equalizing the political flow on information.

One Fit City

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One Fit City will inspire the Nation to health using social media, blogging, and a ton of fun. The goal is to show health in a new light. Encourage fitness in order to travel, and be ready to take on adventures to make memories. Our goal is to get Canadians enjoying our Nation!

Video Volunteers

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What would news look like if the very people who live a story produced it? What if each marginalised community had someone to document their stories and the issues they face from within the community? What if this news didn’t stop at reporting a story but also brought change to a community?Video Volunteers trains people from the most marginalised communities of India—Dalits, Tribals, women, religious minorities and economically weak—to produce videos documenting the lives of their communities.



Villoscopie est un mot composé de « Villo » qui vient de ville et de « Scopie » qui est un instrument qui sert à observer, à examiner. Une observation qui se fait par les citoyens eux-mêmes afin de mesurer l’effectivité des promesses des autorités locales.