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Give me 5: Five countries for one goal: Supporting the central american's entrepreneur.

San Salvador, El SalvadorSan Pedro, Costa Rica
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Giveme5 has the capacity to galvanize innovation, create jobs, diversify economic activity, and contribute to the reduction of income inequality by improving access to affordable capital and bridging the gap between funding demand and capital supply for entrepreneurs and micro and small enterprises.

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What if Central Americans have access to financial resources for develop their projects and do not be forced to migrate somewhere else?
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Entrepreneurs, start-ups and small and medium enterprises in Central America are struggling to raise the capital needed to establish and grow their businesses via traditional banking systems. However, small business owners and entrepreneurs ever have this collateral to satisfy these loan requirements. Moreover, high interest rates tend to be commercially unviable starting a business.

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Five countries for one goal: Supporting the Central Americans entrepreneurs. That's the reason why we want to create the first "Peer to Peer" platform in Central America (Guateamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) for micro, small and medium's ventures that needs innovate and transform its business to survive. Give Me Five connects those who invest, even in United States or Europe, with people in Central America that needs money. Both parties define the amount, time, rate of credit, conditions and earn attractive returns. Be part of Give Me Five. Be part of the net between people and companies that promotes fair deals. Support us.
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Marta wants her own bakery, but has not enough money for the business. She has a steady job, a bank account and a good record. But borrowing much money is complicated, bureaucratic and by now, there are high rates. Give Me 5 provides a solution. Marta found the best market rates for personal loans in our web page. Meanwhile, Marta needs money, Mario wants to grow his savings. But, he was not sure where to invest. As you know, saving money in a bank account, it is an expensive idea. Give me five is an alternative way to obtain great revenues. Give Me Five is a project to honest and hardworking people like you. You get a return on each of these loans that people like Marta needs. So, what do you expect? Join today GiveMe5.

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Market goal: Micro, small and medium enterprises Location: Central America Distribution by country: Guatemala: 1,028,000 El Salvador: 532,000 - Beta market Honduras: 545,000 Nicaragua: 367,000 Costa Rica: 250,000 - Beta market Micro, small and medium enterprises employ over 44% of workers in Central America. Also contributing over 26% of GDP and are more than 97% of companies in the region. The 37% of the population working in these companies is in poverty, and of course our platform represent a tool this kind of family labor.

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In a second step we have two objectives: 1) Expand services to all Caribbean countries. 2) Diversify products. Launch the loans for personal credit with fair rates for Q1, Q2 and Q3. In a third phase we have two objectives: 1) Expand services to Mexico and Colombia. 2) Diversifying services. Launching the service of equity crowdfunding.

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The entire 30.000 euros will be used to launch the beta of the Peer to Peer platform. This includes getting support and Digital Security (42%), platform development (48%), administration (3%), marketing (5%) and additional expenses (2%). Also, the project will have two sources of income: Pay per agreement concluded satisfactorily (4% of the amount traded) and publicity.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques? A similar product, but is focused exclusively on the Chilean market. is an equity crowdfunding platform. Their services are for the Chilean and Brazilian market. Platform that offers the same service, but is focus the Mexican market. The project for Give me 5 is the only project of this kind being developed in Central America. According with the conclusions of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration the financial gap for micro, small and medium companies in Central America is over US$ 5.720 millions.

El Equipo

Diego Alvarado Corella Technical skills: Web development, e-Commerce, Database and Documentation Function: Technology Developer Adrian Garcia Ulibarri Technical Skills: Management, project management, communication and public relations Role: Project Manager
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, SJ, San Pedro

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, SS, San Salvador

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Facebook publicity.

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We have a partner.
BOOM is the University Agency for the Management of Entrepreneurship at the University of Costa Rica (one of the most important universities in Central America). They make entrepreneurial dreams into reality through the development and testing of prototypes, to boost dynamic, knowledge-intensive enterprises.
Using a methodology based on the latest tools for promoting entrepreneurship, adjusted to the reality of the market.

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Developing a successful beta product: Thats why we are requesting funds from ChangeMakers. In this moment we have the team to carry out product development.

Financial regulation: Any country in Central America has regulation for this kind of activities. With the support of the University and AUGE we are brewing a process of dialogue with the authorities of Costa Rica.

Protection of customer data: It is contemplated within the product development process.