Walisuma: The best we have

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Walisuma: The best we have

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 Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in America and it has an economy based on non renewal natural resources explotation. Unfortunately, this economy structure does not generate employment and do not create identity and do not take advantage of the knowledge of people.

Walisuma is a bet to position agricultural and artisans bolivian products into the most demanding niches based on four critical factors:

1. High quality products 

2. Recovering and appraisement of bolivian cultural identity using traditional and ancestral knowledge

3. Production process friendly with the environment and with sustainability variables.

4. Increasing  income in important levels

The project wants to help farmers and artisans to position into gourmet, high end and high quality nich markets that are able to pay a higher price because the products respect the environment, mantain and use their traditional knowledge and produce with high quality.

The most important issue in this project is that focus the efforts trying to change the competitive disadvantages (poor quality roads, electricity and water services, industrial investments, bad quality labor) in competitive advantages (the roads respects the environment, not having electricity impulse the use of traditional knowledge, high quality labor in traditional knowledge)

The projects is working with 50 artisans and 5.000 farmers and is project to work with 200 artisans and 20.000 farmers improving his packaging, rethinking in its brand image, quality control processes, logistics and sales.


It is planned to open at least 4 luxury and high end commercial ventures in 4 big cities all over the world.



Sobre ti
Project Street Address

Capitan Ravelo 2441

Project City

La Paz

Project Province/State

La Paz

Project Postal/Zip Code
Project Country
tu idea
Country your work focuses on:

Poverty reduction, competitiveness and productivity improvement in most poverty regions

¿En qué fase está el proyecto?

Operating for 1-5 years

YouTube Upload
What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?


Describe your idea in fewer than 50 words.

Walisuma is a bet to build a competitive advantage for Bolivia based on his principle richness: culture, ancestral and traditional knowledge and nature diversity. It pretends to introduce high quality bolivian products on the most exquisite nich markets to show the world the real opportunity Bolivia with its farmers and artisans has.

What makes your idea unique?

The big bet that it is possible to transform competitive disadvantages in competitive advantages.

What is your area of work? (Please check as many as apply.)

Development & Prosperity , Business , Community development , Design , Economic development , Employment , Income generation , Marketing , Poverty alleviation , Rural development , Medio Ambiente & Sustentabilidad, Biodiversity , Climate change , Conservation , Green business , Sustainable agriculture , Indigenous cultures , Intercultural relations .

What impact have you had?

We have had 50 artisans and 5.000 farmers working in this perspective with some specific results on exportation into this premium markets.

Describe the primary problem(s) that your project is addressing.

building competitive advantages for artisans and farmers in Bolivia

Describe the steps that your organization is taking to make your project successful.

Identify comparative advantages artisans and farmers has
Build capacities in farmers and artisans to be competitive in premium markets
Create a commercial venture in big cities to prove the brand position based on nature, culture and traditions
Masify the intervention

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Success in Year 1:

The first 50 artisans and 5.000 farmers have to be the best ones to show that the route is the correct

Success in Year 2:

The logistics and quality control processes in the artisans and farmers have to work correctly

Success in Year 3:

4 commercial ventures are working having big benefits

Do you have a business plan or strategic plan? (yes/no)

yes, an strategis plan

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 1:

Correct identification of the best artisans and farmers
The best logisticas and production processes applied for the artisans and farmers
Building the competitive advantage based on nature, culture and tradition

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 2:

Identify the best and most adequate experts to assess the artisans and farmers
Implement the changes taking care not homogenize the farmers and artisans
Transfering demand needs to artisans and farmers helping them to think and see future action in function of demand

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization? STEP 3:

Identify the best partners en each city selected
Identify the best corporate identity for the commercial venture
Stablish the most competitive logistic to be price competitive in the production and logistics process, trying to rise the be able to pay based on culture, nature and tarditions

Describe the expected results of these actions.

Bolivian products are known by their respect to environment, sustainable development, culture , traditional knowledge in at least 4 big cities.

What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

The big political crisis in Bolivia that did not permit to think in a competitive advantage for my country

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

Nuevo Norte is an NGO organization create by bolivian entrepeneurs that had create this organization 3 years ago with the big objective to impulse the productivity in farmers and artisans

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

By internet

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Our incapacity to maotivate artisans and farmers

Fuente de financiamiento


If yes, provide organization name.

Nuevo Norte that it has finance aid from Nteherlans embassy and USAID

How long has this organization been operating? (i.e. less than a year; 1-5 years; more than 5 years)

3 years

Does your organization have a Board of Directors or an Advisory Board?

yes ita has a board of directors (16 entrepeneurs)

Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with NGOs? (yes/no)

it is an NGO

Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with businesses? (yes/no)

yes, at least 15 big bolivian firms have impulsed Nuevo Norte initiative

La historia
Does your organization have any non-monetary partnerships with government? (yes/no)


Please tell us more about how these partnerships are critical to the success of your innovation.

Nuevo Norte has an entrepeneural attitude and it is becasue business man give strategic vision

How many people will your project serve annually?

If we are able to connect farmers and artisnas to this markets, the initiative will serve each year more and more artsinas and farmers

What is the total number of employees and total number of volunteers at your organization?


What is your organization's business classification?

Non-profit/NGO/citizen sector organization

Have you received funding from any of the following groups? (Please check as many as apply.)

USAID (United States) .