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Vision: A Changemaker of Design

Coventry, United States
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In these uncertain times, a well-developed skill set is not enough. It takes ingenuity and talent to market a message to the masses - one that is personally identifiable and fulfilling an unmet need. This is what I aim to achieve in my work.

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What if visual communication could serve as a centerpiece of alternative media to help answer what the people want to know, instead of being told what to know by mainstream media?
About Project

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The failure of mainstream media to properly address the concerns of the people by a lack of information that can be used for enabling a solution, which includes under-reporting on known stories and outright neglect of reporting on stories that affect people's lives on a mass scale that are transpiring in real time. Instead, people see "fluff" or filler pieces in their place.

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The use of visual communication as a centerpiece of alternative media to help address the concerns and needs of the people, by delivering messages that aren't always understood in words and that cannot be censored by mainstream media. Art is a universal language through which all can gain knowledge. Knowledge of the audience leads to an understanding of their needs, and how to best meet those needs. Because I'm visually minded, I can use the knowledge I gain to devise an aesthetically pleasing design that engages and motivates the audience. The result is an enabling of critical thinking that empowers people to take action and solve issues that truly matter for the welfare of all.
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The key is to target the most influential demographic in any society, where adaptation of innovation is most likely to become a social norm. As a social norm, common elements of innovation can then be introduced to other demographics and adapted, where all demographics share the common elements while having specialized aspects in place suited to the needs of a given, individual demographic. I think of this as a child learning to crawl, then walk, then run. The crawling stage is the adaptation of the message on the individual/micro level, the walking stage is adaptation of the message on the group/macro level of one influential demographic, and the running stage is the spreading adaptation of the message throughout all demographics.

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At this point in time, it is an idea, but I hope to gain visibility and support to help it become more than an idea. I hope it becomes a force for critical thinking that is needed for empowering people to take action on useful information, addressing issues that truly matter for the benefit of all.

Estrategias de Expansión: Avanzar, qué son los estrategias principales para ampliar su impacto?

This is the premise of my idea; I welcome feedback and support for further development and growth.

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

There is no specific budget for my idea at this time; I hope to gain enough visibility and support in order to more accurately develop a budget for sustainability. Feedback is greatly appreciated here.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

Art is regarded as entertainment in the eyes of the mainstream media, but not everyone realizes that art is a universal language where all can gain knowledge; a mode of critical thinking and expression that cannot be censored by mainstream media due to its classification as entertainment. The potential for achieving change is great since criticism can be rendered and attention gained openly on a given subject without fear of retribution, essentially facilitating change and getting away with it. It can be thought of as a "Trojan Horse of Change."

Historia fundacional

I was always fascinated by art, observing the elements of a composition and how each element works together to form a narrative or message to the viewer that is unspoken, yet understood. With art, I was able to see the truth in the world I live in and fuel my penchant for learning in school, which continues today. While watching the evening news, my parents would always remark about stories that had no educational content, where one couldn't benefit nor use to make life better. I had learned that this was the pattern of mainstream media, being told what to know, compared to alternative media, giving people what they want to know. It was through this that I founded Vision.