Zuvy Effect - Lifetime Travel Experiences

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Zuvy Effect - Lifetime Travel Experiences

Madrid, Spain
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Zuvy brings together the most special local providers of experiential and responsible tourism in Latinamerica, from lodgings with local flavor, to small operators of transformational experiences. They benefit local communities and the environmental and cultural conservation of the destination.

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What if you could live incredible travel experiences while creating an impact at the destination?
About Project

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About 70-80 % of tourism revenues in emerging countries do not stay within the countries. Tourism is the largest source of foreign income in developing countries but these revenues are not shared equally. They are often achieved at the expense of the overexploitation of natural and cultural resources of destinations. We see travelers that are not educated in the impact their decisions while traveling may have.

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The solution is fostering tourism that impacts positively in destinations. At Zuvy we bring together local providers of experiential and responsible tourism that benefit local communities and the environmental and cultural conservation of the destination. When travelers choose one of our experiences or accommodations they are creating positive impact at the destinations while living incredible experiences that will change them for ever
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As examples of experiences that we offer at Zuvy you can find the following: An opportunity to learn about the most ancestral Quechua traditions and customs from the wise locals to better understand the history of these people. A visit the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro and erase from your mind the stereotype of crime and violence of these communities. A stay in a charming lodge in the middle of the Amazon that aims not only to maximize your enjoyment but also to educate indigenous communities in cultural and environmental conservation of the natural paradise around them. Awalk through the most authentic Atacama desert, full of colors and nature with the opportunity to interact and contribute to the Aymara communities in the area.

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The tourism we are promoting impacts three axis: Environmental: No damage to natural resources. The activity minimizes damage to the environment (flora, fauna, water, land, energy use, pollution, etc.) and tries to leave it better than before Social and Cultural: No damage to the cultural heritage and makes the local population the biggest beneficiary of the exploitation. Economic: It helps to improve the living standards of the local community. A sustainable business benefits its owners, employees and neighbors.

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Zuvy is a pioneer in the marketing of sustainable and experiential tourism experiences for the independent traveler and in the aggregation of sustainable accommodation options. Zuvy is scalable. Our model of local partners reduces our cost and allows us to expand rapidly while ensuring local expertise.