Stepping out of squatter conditions

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Stepping out of squatter conditions

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The number of families living in squatter conditions in the inner city of Buenos Aires is growing. Most of these pay high rates to informally "rent" shared facilities in precarious and unhealthy buildings. Habitat para la Humanidad Argentina (HPHA)'s project develops apartments to be rented to such families as a step out of marginalization. Having overcome the obstacles of permissions to build, HPHA is now close to completing the first 8 apartments which will allow about 100 families to access decent rents through the guarantees the building can provide to property owners renting in Buenos Aires, HPHA now faces the challnge of scaling up through innovative financial opportunities for social investors. We seek investors who will buy an apartment, and donate its use for 4 years.

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Habitat for Humanity Argentina
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Habitat for Humanity Argentina

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Project description
What are your organization's top three priorities in the next year?

Turn the almost completed building into an attractive "show case" of the model
Finalize rentals for 8 families in the building and 80 families who can rent with HPHA's property guarantee
Attract social investors so the model can scale up

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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HPHA needs help to turn an innovative and profoundly integral social idea, into an attractive selling piece for social investors. We are good at long documents and proposals, but need the "elevator pitch", the marketing flyers, website, social media catch phrases.
Specifically we need to access the channels where social investors might become attracted to the idea of investing in a property in Buenos Aires, and conceding the rent for 4 years for social rentals.
After 4 years of developing the idea, slowly achieving its implementation despite various obstacles, we now need to market it!

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Will support from American Express be focused on your organization overall or a specific product/service? Please describe.

The particular project of Recycling Urban Homes in La Boca. Marketing and selling the model of the pilot project we are close to completing.

Have you focused on the above area previously? If so, please explain, including whether you have worked with outside consultants before.

No. Our focus has been on obtaining the seed capital and a soft loan, and on the permissions and technical aspect of building a block of 8 apartments. This gave us expertise and success in Project Documents and advocacy with city government officials. What we are needing now is to learn more marketing and "selling" skills in order to attract social investors to an innovative financial engineering of social housing projects.

Are you able to commit 3-5 hours/wk over 10-12 weeks?

Are you able to meet virtually or at a convenient in-person location?

Are you able to meet in the city where your organization is based?

Rank your three intended outcomes of this project:

Attractive brochures and image of the project to seek social investors


Marketing and branding experience for future projects as well


Social investors

¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de la solución hasta la fecha?

Advocacy for rentals as a possible housing solution for squatters in big cities. NGO's, the public in general and the city government have all recognised the social value of this idea. There is much interest in partnering for scaling up, but we need to "package the idea" to attract investors.
We have reached the NGO sector and the government sector. Now we need to reach the private sector with an attractive and solid proposal.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

Hopefully, social investors who will allow us to provide matching funds for an international organization and/or local government to put up larger funds and thereby turn the pilot project into a city strategy for having an impact on the squatter situation.
Alternatively, this kind of "assisted rents for squatters" projects could be funded by social investor and soft loans. If successful we can look at purchasing unused property in the southern part of the City of Buenos Aires and completing developments of 20 to 40 apartments.
The potential of scale and impact of this model is exciting, as there are very few inner city urban housing solutions, particularly for squatter populations.