Zero Waste, Sustainable Architecture, Renewable Energy: unlimited source of renewable materials for sustainable housing

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Zero Waste, Sustainable Architecture, Renewable Energy: unlimited source of renewable materials for sustainable housing

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Curadores da Terra desarrolla un sistema innovador que transforma la basura en materiales fabricados para la construcción de viviendas, ayudando en el proceso de sanación de las ciudades. La innovación consiste de una tecnología patentada que combina basura con resinas orgánicas para producir materiales de construcción renovables, los cuales son utilizados para la construcción de viviendas sustentables y asequibles a través de un proceso ya probado y en implementación. Curadores da Terra se ha aliado con RAD Ambiental para crear una planta industrial (Planta Limpia) para estandarizar y producir a escala; también han desarrollado Leyes de Cero Basura, facilitando el camino para replicar el modelo a escala nacional.

About Project

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The project is critical because it is a highly implementable and economically feasible alternative to solve two of the biggest challenges of our society today: clean waste destination and affordable sustainable housing. It benefits all waste pickers, who will be formally hired by the local Clean Plants; community individuals empowered in a new clean construction workmanship; farmers harvesting oleaginous plants for the production of organic resins at locally implemented Ecological Habitats. Society benefits from the cleaner environment, reforestation programs, access to affordable sustainable housing. Besides the socio-environmental impact, the locally-generated energy that is sold back to the cities represents valuable cash flows to maximize returns for the plant shareholders.

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The Clean Plant converts all waste into sustainable products for housing: construction materials and energy. As a result, it represents a Zero Waste solution for cities of any size globally. The Plant also offers market returns to private investors that come mainly from the sale of energy; that also helps provide affordable construction materials at scale and represent a funding source for the implementation of Ecological Habitats. The construction system, based on locally generated materials, is easy to learn, being able to be replicated by community individuals in a continuous cycle of sustainable creativity. What also makes the project unique is the network of partnerships that we developed to implement the project at national level. Besides the partnership with RAD Ambiental, we partnered with Florestamento Nobre to develop Ecological Habitats, which provide the organic oils for the production of resins needed to amalgamate the waste into construction materials; these habitats also provide other complementary materials, such as bamboo, and use natural fertilizers produced by the plant, another positive by-product of the waste convertion process. The impact of our solution on the environment is significantly enhanced as the waste processing, generation of energy and manufacturing of construction materials are all done locally; less transportation results in less carbon emissions. In parallel, the three Zero Waste Laws that we developed at the national, state and municipals levels in Brazil reinforce the replication of the whole concept of the project.
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Besides the proven technology, which has been successful in generating impact for several communities in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Sergipe - enabling hundreds of community individuals in the clean construction system - our project has been successful in attracting a growing number of collaborations to implement the technology at scale in order to reach millions of families that lack a decent home. Each new synergic partnership represents an expansion of current capabilities, unifying technical, political and social/cultural dimensions of impact and expanding its territorial reach. Partnerships with the companies RAD Ambiental and Florestamento Nobre – for implementing the Clean Plants and Ecological Habitats - and with the IBRADES (Brazillian Institute for Sustainable Development) to implement a pilot project in the Cotiguiba Valley, SE, with the objective to reach 14 neighboring cities are some examples of this synergic expansion. We started collaborating with the President of the Science and Technology Commission of the Congress whose strategy is to promote innovative technologies with big social impact. The approval of the project-law 1269/07 by Deputy Célia Leão, which describes the whole concept of the project, is paving the way to national scale replication.
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Associação Verdever / Curadores da Terra
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Associação Verdever / Curadores da Terra

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+55 (11) 5561 1498

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Rua Tomé Portes, 1138, Brooklyn, São Paulo, SP

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, SP

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, SP

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Sérgio Prado (Institute of Architecture of Venice, Italy) was inspired by the 1992 Rio Summit and started the NGO Verdever to create innovative sustainable architecture. During the Summit, Sérgio proposed to cover the cathedral of Rio with vegetation as a symbol for an envisioned system of live construction capable of breathing and generating food for its inhabitants. In 1999, he built a large vegetable nursery in the Esplanade of Ministries, the monumental axis in Brasilia, with 20,000 PET bottles, approached the Senate and formulated the project-law 269/99, Brazil Clean Waters, approved by absolute majority, which has been incorporated into the National Policy for Solid Waste, later approved by the President of Brazil in 2010. Subsequently, Sérgio developed the concept of creating construction materials by combining all kinds of waste with organic resins.
In 2004, Sérgio joined forces with the architect Márcia Macul (Master and Ph.D in Architecture by the University of São Paulo), who was disappointed with traditional cement-based construction techniques, but was inspired by ancient earth-based building systems. Through her research she developed a new construction method of thick structural walls of rammed earth with electricity-free heating and cooling functions. She has taught teams of young people of several communities in Brazil to build their homes under this system.

Impacto social
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101 - 1,000

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Más de 10,000

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The project is fully patented and is seeking capital to build two pilot plants. Its successful completion is fundamental for a quantum leap forward, demonstrating the effectiveness of the solution to municipalities, society and investors alike.
Due to the simplicity, originality and scalability of the project, an important step is to make the solution internationally recognized, understood and accepted, creating the basis for being certified as a new valid construction system and Zero Waste solution. IREO will present this project to the UN and we are preparing a focused participation in the Rio + 20 in 2012, a Zero Waste World Cup in 2014 and Green Olympic Games in 2016. Changemakers can help bring visibility to the project to gain global reach, as well as attract potential investors.

¿Cómo va a evolucionar tu proyecto durante los próximos tres años?

Together with RAD Ambiental, Florestamento Nobre, IBRADES and with support of local municipalities, we are starting the implementation of a pilot of the project, involving the construction of sustainable houses in 14 cities in Sergipe and neighbouring States in 2011-12. Besides that, we are seeking capital to build Clean Plants in the region to scale up our impact.
We are in advanced conversations with the energy distribution co. and USP (University of São Paulo) for the stablishment of first two plants in São Paulo. To accelerate our reach by the third year, we are already in conversations with infrastructure investment funds. IREO will also present this project to the UN 2011 Year of Forestry.The partnership with Zero Waste (ZWIA) will help build the project’s global footprint.

Por cada selección, por favor explica el apoyo financiero y no financiero de cada uno.

We have partnerships with the companies RAD Ambiental and Florestamento Nobre for the engineering and installation of the Clean Plants and the implementation of Ecological Habitats. With the advisory and support of IBRADES, we are developing a pilot project in Sergipe and neighboring states.
With the University of Tiradentes in Sergipe, we have a partnership for the research of the construction elements, aiming at its certification. With the University of São Paulo, we have a partnership to develop an interactive educational online platform to leverage the synergic network – an Instruction Manual for Earth Sustainability.
The São Paulo State deputy Célia Leão formulated the project law PL 1269/07 about the whole concept of the project, extended to the municipal level. The deputy will take the project to the State Water and Sewage treatment company as a viable reutilization solution for the sewage sludge, potentially attracting the support of the State Governor of São Paulo. We are collaborating with the president of the Science and Technology Comission of the Congress.
With the support of PNUD, this project was presented to Latin America representatives in the Belize Meeting. As we previously mentioned, the LGWPF, the IREO and the ZWIA will help build the project’s global footprint.
The Brazillian Development Bank indicated the possibility of financing the construction of the Clean Plants. Besides that, the investment opportunity is being analyzed by a number of infrastructure funds to raise the resources needed for a large scale replication.

¿Cómo vas a hacer crecer y / o diversificar tu base de apoyo en los próximos tres años?

The successful conclusion of the pilot projects in São Paulo and in the Northern states is an important step to allow for replication in Brazil and internationally, demonstrating to a large audience of investors, municipalities and the society, the efficiency, financial attractiveness and environmental-social impact of the project.
Given that the multiplication of Green Sustainable Cities is linked to the implementation of Clean Plants that represent a funding source for the creation of Ecological Habitats, we are intensifying efforts for approval of current project-laws and its replication to other states and cities in Brazil.
We will share the development of the project by participating actively in key events, such as Rio +20 in 2012. These efforts will enable the project to become visible to large infrastructure funds and to attract new international partners.
The continuous partnership building with new social-environmental entrepreneurs creates new and unique capabilities to the organization. The online platform under development will accelerate this process, allowing for a global spread of the synergic support network.

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Diseño, Tecnología, Trabajo, Saneamiento, Infraestructura, Vivienda ecológica, Medio ambiente, Desarrollo urbano, Participación ciudadana / comunitaria, Políticas públicas.

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Yes; it helps communities build new sustainable homes as well as expand existing ones. The construction system, based on locally generated renewable materials (rammed earth and waste) is easy to learn, being able to be replicated by community individuals. We developed a Clean Plant, which converts all types of waste into these renewable materials and energy, offering market returns to potential Clean Plant investors. The solution is complemented by the implementation of Ecological Habitats to recover the cities’ surroundings, while providing organic oils for the production of resins needed to amalgamate residues in new building elements.

¿Estás colaborando con empresas privadas, o se han asociado con empresas privadas en el pasado? ¿Con qué empresas?

Yes, we have partnerships with the companies RAD Ambiental, for engineering and construction of Clean Plants, and with Florestamento Nobre for the implementation of Ecological Habitats.

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The organization Verdever / Curadores da Terra developed the technology capable of combining waste with organic resins to produce renewable construction materials as well as the construction system for sustainable housing. RAD Ambiental has the rights to build the Rotary Aerobic Digester technology in South America for processing the biomass. The union of these patented processes with the capabilities of Florestamento Nobre to implement the Ecological Habitats result in an integrated synergic solution with mutual benefits for all actors involved.

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