Macarena Currín

Macarena Currín

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Name: Macarena Currín
Organization: Fundacion Rodelillo
Title: Directora Ejecutiva

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Derechos Humanos

Macarena Curri'n is breaking through the myriad, interrelated problems that keep the poorest down by helping families address their challenges rigorously and holistically.

The housing Project materializes the vulnerable families’ dream of owning a definite and decent house. Rodelillo calls in and co-builds with families, public policies, building companies and municipalities, professionally accompanying each project stage.

El proyecto de vivienda materializa el sueño de casa propia, digna y definitiva, de familias vulnerables. Rodelillo convoca y co-construye con familias, políticas públicas, empresas constructoras y municipios acompañando profesionalmente cada fase del proyecto.

Ene 22, 2007 / 0 Comments / in

1. The Centre generates family or group mediation
processes, training for schools and community mediators;
and the introduction of pacific and alternative conflict
resolution models in the schools, territories, workplaces
and families.
2. We seek to transfer a constructivist view of conflict,
where the result of human interactions is found and where
the agents involved (active and passive conflicting
parties) embody the conflict and its solution.
3. We aim at positioning people and communities as the