Winner announced for Renewable Energy Challenge Prize

Winner announced for Renewable Energy Challenge Prize

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Launched a year ago by Nesta and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Renewable Energy Challenge Prize has a tried and tested winner!

The winning solution exceeds all the technical requirements for the challenge, covers the energy needs for war returnee families and still costs no more than €5,000 per unit.

Nesta worked alongside the UNDP to find a breakthrough technology to develop a sustainable, cost-effective solution for a standalone, off-grid renewable energy supply that can provide war-returnee families living in rural areas off the power grid.

The UNDP will now install eight of the winning renewable energy kits for families who returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina from war many years ago but still have been living without electricity. More information on how this solution has helped out families can be found here.

What’s more with the success of the challenge prize, the UNDP is currently in negotiations with the Government and other international organisations to get support for helping even more families living in rural areas with no access to the grid.

With such specific requirements the challenge prize was indeed very ambitious especially in a short time frame, but it really does show the power of inducement prizes in finding innovative solutions.

This article originally appeared in the blog section by NESTA.