“Increasing Aboriginal Economic Inclusion through the Use of E-Learning Technology in the Aboriginal Community"

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“Increasing Aboriginal Economic Inclusion through the Use of E-Learning Technology in the Aboriginal Community"

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Sunchild E-Learning Community has been advancing the inclusion of Aboriginal people into the workforce since 1998. This organization has been a non-profit organization providing quality educational delivery to reserves in Alberta and NWT through the use of on-line technology. It has provided the opportunity for Aboriginal students to complete their high school diplomas without leaving their home communities, keeping the skill where it can advance the community as a whole, raising the quality of life and standard of living on reserve.

Aboriginal Communities will benefit by increasing the ability of Aboriginal Communities to create self-sufficiency through economic inclusion. There is a large untapped workforce waiting to be utilized and the only barrier to that participation is the lack of skills. Aboriginal people will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most prosperous workforces in our Country, increasing their quality of life and standard of living which will have generational affects. As Aboriginal people create successful workplace experiences and become self sufficient the youth will through example seek the same opportunities, education and training which will continue the cycle of success.

Sunchild E-Learning Program Model is intended to enhance the skills and broaden the perspective of attendees. This program is designed to introduce a rigorous framework for recognizing the benefits of e-learning technology for marginalized and remote audiences. The Sunchild E-Learning Program provides concrete strategies for the use of technology in the Aboriginal Community to further economic inclusion and capacity building through education.


 Strategies and Techniques used in on-line teaching in Aboriginal Communities
 Technology and integrative approaches to synchronous, interactive on-line delivery to a culturally diverse community
 Methods of identifying and meeting the needs of a unique group of learners

Learn how Sunchild E-Learning Community uses E-Learning technology to deliver:

 Quality on-line delivered education tailored to the students needs and goals
 Full Mentor training
 Consistent high quality courses
 Latest in educational technology delivery
 Interactive and “live” classrooms just like any other brick and mortar school
 Archived recordings of all classes for reference and student support
 Clear methods of tracking and organizing students to facilitate success

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Sunchild E-Learning Community

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First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

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Elementary or Secondary school, Non-profit organization.

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Sunchild E-Learning uses a model of delivery that is interactive, synchronous, integrated and supportive taking E-Learning to new depth and experience.

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As a result of the Sunchild E-Learning Community program, many Aboriginal students will go on to develop a lifelong love of learning while equipping them with the technological knowledge they will need for the future. Different from conventional distance learning programs, Sunchild creates accountability and interaction between student and teacher. In record numbers, students are re-entering the school system and staying in school. Society as a whole will benefit by a positive relationship with Aboriginal people without the sense of marginalization that can exist by creating successful experiences in both education and economic participation. This will benefit generations to come and begin the process of building capacity within the Aboriginal community.

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Sustainability and growth. Recognition by the Federal Government of the right for all First Nations to a quality education.

In 5 years, what will be different as a result of your idea/project?

Increased technological skill of First Nation people. Skills for entry into college and university programs. Recognition of the benefits of e-learning technology for marginalized and remote audiences. Furthering the use of technology in the Aboriginal Community to further economic inclusion and capacity building through education.

All Aboriginal people will have the right to choose a quality on-line education and not be restricted by the cost to the individual or the community. Sunchild E-Learning will be funded Federally like all other First Nation brick and mortar schools and will support the success of communities throughout Alberta and NWT while expanding to other First Nations communities Canada wide.

Tell us about the people/ partnerships that are already involved and why they are important to your idea or project.

Many of these Corporate Sponsors have been a part of the Sunchild E-Learning Community from its inception. As the word about the success of the Sunchild E-Learning Community Model continues to grow, the program is gaining International, Federal and Provincial recognition and support. The following Corporate Sponsors are part of the Sunchild E-Learning Community.

- Nexen
- NorthwestTel
- PennWest Energy Trust
- Shell Canada Limited
- Suncor Energy
- Syncrude
- TransCanada
- ConocoPhillips
- EnCana

These Corporate Sponsors have committed to the sustainability of the program by entering into agreements with Sunchild E-Learning to continue to support the communities, many of whom lie within their major regions of communications, energy, and oil and gas exploration.

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Sunchild E-Learning Community has partnered with over 16 First Nations organization to provide quality education to their students and to alleviate some of the financial cost of hiring qualified teachers to teach Diploma Course and Specialized courses on reserve. The implementation of the program has increased the academic success of the students in those communities and has enabled many to build positive experiences that increase retention. Sunchild will continue to reach out to these communities.

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Technology is always changing and providing quality equipment and adequate facilities is always a challenge when going into any new site. While the bands and education departments within those sites do the best they can, we would like to be able to provide not only training but equipment (computers, printers, headsets, textbooks) for success as well.

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Yes (answer the next two questions)