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o How did your idea or project first come to you?
This has been a project in the works over several years, it has been developing slowly. I stepped into this project when I started this job back in 2004. There was a family camp that was already established, although in its early stages (July 2000).

o Why did you believe your idea or project could/would make a difference?
I have been working with a group of people in our community called a Circle of Care. Our mission is “It takes a community to raise a child”. Based on this we identify the needs in our community by what we see happening in our community, and what we have learned about our history, education from outside sources and what our elders teach us. This camp is seen as a positive event in the community and enhancing it for healing opportunities for the youth and their parents is what has been repeated over and over as what we want, what we need-to move forward and be successful.

o How did you, or how would you, get other people involved?
There are a group of people that get together to plan the family camp every year. There is also a group of people in the tribal area that are trained Life Skills coaches from other first nations that are resources/trainers. There are also different traditional teachers and elders in our community and neighboring communities that are accessible.

o What tells you that your idea or project is making a difference or will make a difference?
The Life Skills programs that I have already done have made an impact on some of the people that have taken it. Some have been able to work and leget off welfare, some have completed Adult Ed and are pursuing post secondary training, some are experience healthier relationships in their life.

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Keeseekoowenin Health & Wellness

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First Nations people.

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How long have you, your group, or your organization been operating?

More than 5 years

Define your idea / project in 1-2 short sentences

A cultural family camp located at IR-61-A, Clear Lake in Riding Mountain Park.

Select the stage that best applies to your solution

Growth (the project is up and running and is starting to move forward)

Social Impact
Please tell us about the social impact of your idea or proect

This will support the learning success of our people because it will help them to understand their history, learn more about their culture, build better relationships within their family, set goals, make better decisions, understand why they do what they do from a historical perspective, and learn more about themselves. Once they are able to gain some of this knowledge the challenges of living on the reserve, social and racial, they will feel more empowered to want more for their life, realize the importance of education for themselves and their children. They will understand that they have choices, and that regardless of limiting feelings they can pursue their dreams.

Your Future Goal(s): Tell us what you hope to achieve with your idea or project in the next year

To be able to build 2 kitchen shacks with a cookstove and picnic tables. To build better septic/outhouse facilities. To be able

In 5 years, what will be different as a result of your idea/project?

There will be a reduction in family violence within the community.
There will be an increase in the number of youth staying in school.
There will be an increase in community members finishing high school and pursuing post secondary training.
There will be a decrease in drug and alcohol abuse.
There will be a decrease in community members affected by depression.

Tell us about the people/ partnerships that are already involved and why they are important to your idea or project.

We do this project in partnership with Keeseekoowenin Child & Family Services. They are important because they help families that are in the system. Having their clients participate in the Family Camp builds capacity of the parents to improve their lives.
We also work in partnership with Keeseekoowenin Education Authority. We work in partnership with Keeseekoowenin Band Office. They are important because they provide the water delivery, portable toilets, cleaning of portable toilets and cutting grass, providing firewood, and clearing any campsites as needed.
We get donations from local businesses for prizes for the sports events, eg. Heritage Co-op Sandy Lake, Sandy Lake Credit Union, Hilltop Grocery, Sandy Lake Dollar Store, Sandy Lake Auto.

If there are other people/partners that you will reach out to tell us who they are and why they will be important to your idea or project.

can include West Region Tribal Health to send out program staff to do education sessions on topics related to health. They can also provide some funds for prizes for a community feast.

Describe the kinds of support you receive (other than money) or will need to support your idea or project (e.g.: donated, space, equipment and volunteers)

equipment, volunteers, drivers,

Do you currently have funding for your idea or project?

Yes (answer the next two questions)