The Crab In The Bucket - Transform Lateral Violence In Your Community

The Crab In The Bucket - Transform Lateral Violence In Your Community

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Our Intention
When we first started on this journey we did not understand how truly needed this work was. We had an idea for a workshop and being of an entrepreneurial nature and wanting to be in service we thought, why not? As it turns out, we have created something quite unique that has and continues to touch the lives of native and non- native people working and living together in First Nations organizations and communities.
Almost always we find ourselves with diverse groups of people who have been brought together by fate and who are at odds with each for one reason or another. Our audiences can be antagonist in the beginning, having experienced so much conflict in their day-to-day lives that certain behaviours have become normal. We move slow to start with. We understand that change has historically not always been positive, especially for the elders in our groups. We have come to understand that this is a deeply personal journey for our participants. Each person has come for their own reasons, bringing unique experiences and perspectives but all sharing a longing for the same connectivity, sense of belonging, and healing that we know is possible.
It is our intention that hope is restored. That people believe that change is possible and that they only need look as far as themselves and their community for the solutions. We hold the possibility that we can live together in harmony again. That each of us can find our voice in regards to that which is most important and not necessarily easy to say. That we are able to come together to create intentional spaces in which all voices are important and can be expressed and most importantly, where we feel free to explore issues that need to be discussed so that we can move forward. We simply invite you to show up with an open heart and mind and a desire to resolve your conflicts. The rest will take care of itself.
We want to sincerely thank those who have invited us into their organizations and communities. Your courage and determination inspires us to carry on. To the elders who have so generously shared their teachings with us no words can express the many ways in which you have touched our hearts and shaped this work.
You are the ones we have all have been waiting for.

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The Crab In the Bucket is a unique workshop designed to increase positivity in our communities through building our capacity to transform our relationships.

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Over the last 5 years we have travelled throughout BC and various other parts of Canada delivering our workshop to communities. The impact has been profound. Relationships have been healed, First Nations and non-native people have improved their working relationships, positivity has been increased across the board and sense of trust and hope has been restored. People have the courage and capacity to resolve their conflicts, to communicate openly with each other and to ask for what they need. For many who attend they find the courage to change the circumstances of there life. Awareness is raised and people are being more conscious and intentional in the way they relate to each other which creates a sense of collaboration.

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To reach more communities across Canada to to be able to work with government and other agencies that provide services to FN

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People will have a shared language and understanding in regards to Lateral Violence. That the collective consciousness will be raised significantly enough that we will reach a tipping point and the suffering will be reduced. That there is sense of empowerment and of being able to create the changes we seek. That we are able to support each other to move forward and let go of the past. That we begin to collaborate, that transparency is created and that we become more inclusive. This project affects the way we relate it speaks to and impacts the emotional field in our systems which is foundational to the healthy development of our children. The ability to sustain healthy, intimate relationships is the critical to our breaking the pattern of dysfunction.

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Chameleon is a small organization owned and operated by me. When I work with a community I partner with with elders and community members to ensure a successful experience. Outside of that there are no other partners involved.

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I would like to build a relationship with federal and provincial governments for two reasons. The government could make this type of training more readily available to the communities. Funding is always a barrier and although communities want the training it's difficult for them to access funding for it. Further, government employees working with First Nations would benefit significantly from this training. It would provide a blueprint for understanding the underlying dynamics that impact trust and communication and our ability to work effectively together.

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We could benefit from support in promoting the work to people who have influence and volunteers who are interested in being training to do this work.

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