Family Violence Prevention Training

Family Violence Prevention Training

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The Family Violence Prevention Training is implemented by the Community Education team at Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services at the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory for any individual wishing to learn about the devastating effects of family violence utilizing a holistic, traditional Onkwehonwe (First Nations) training model.

The training has grown and evolved over the last 20 years. First implemented in 1992, this training was initially designed as training for staff, board and individuals wishing to volunteer at Ganohkwasra. The training was revamped in 2005 because Ganohkwasra recognized the interest and need in the community for family violence education. Since that time, the training has been opened up to anyone interested in taking the training. Individuals that have taken the training in the past have consisted of Social Workers, Police Officers, various individuals working in the helping field, ECE workers, Teachers, high school and post secondary students and community members wishing to volunteer. Individuals take the training for many reasons and for some it is not only for professional growth but also personal growth. No matter what our profession or role is in life, we are all touched by family violence in some form or fashion.

The Family Violence Prevention Training is a 50 hour community education program for any individual, ages 16 and older, with an interest in traditional Onkwehonwe (First Nations) and/or contemporary mainstream approaches to helping and healing from the devastating effects of family violence. The training consists of 14 modules. Participants increase their awareness of the dynamics of family violence and helping approaches currently utilized by Counsellors at Ganohkwasra. Participants increase their awareness of family violence issues through interactive experiences, videos, group work, lectures, discussion and self-reflection. Each session will address educational information, traditional perspectives, tools, and issues and feelings related to the topic.

Individuals can register for our training online or by calling in to our main number. We ensure that interested participants are aware that this training is intended for educational purposes and not to be thought of as therapeutic counselling. The maximum participants for the training are 30 and we consistently have a waiting list.

The Family Violence Prevention Training is successful because as Onkwehonwe (First Nations) people we must be given the opportunity to learn where our people have come from in order to understand what has contributed to our present realities as individuals, families and communities. We must be provided with the support to rejoice in the events that call for celebration and the safety to grieve the events that have caused us pain and loss. We need to learn how to pull the strength, knowledge and tools of our past, into the present for the benefit of the future generations.

Feedback from participants is always positive. We believe that individuals who take this training are not only ambassadors of Ganohkwasra by way of learning about our programs and services but also to promote Ganohkwasra (love among us in the Cayuga language) to their family, friends, co-workers, etc.

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Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services

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First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

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The goal is to educate community about our programs and services, helping approaches and dynamics of family violence from an First Nations perspective.

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We have already had approximately 400 professional and/or community members that have either gained or enhanced their knowledge in the Family Violence Prevention Training. Many of these have included Social Workers that are working everyday to assist clients who have been impacted by family violence. We will continue to educate individuals about the duality of family violence in that we all have the potential to be abused and be abusive using our traditional Iroquois teachings of the good twin and bad twin.

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We want to educate at least 30 professionals and/or community members to understand the devastating impacts of family violence f

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In 5 years we will have trained an additional 150 individuals, which may include Social Workers, Police Officers, Teachers, Professionals and community members. They will not only know our programs and services but also how the historical factors of our people have impacted family violence today. Community members will know where they, their family, friends or co-workers can get help from the effects of family violence. Everyone will be begin to understand the duality of abuse, in that we all have the potential to be abusive, no matter if we are male, female, old or young, we all possess a responsibility to treats others with respect. Community will know that family violence and abuse is unacceptable no matter who we are.

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We have various facilitators for the 14 modules, covered in the training. Because family violence is our agency’s specialization, we are able to offer the expertise to cover most modules. However, we have 4 modules in which we utilize outside presenters. A wonderful lady with much experience in addictions assists us with a module. A Crown Attorney from Brantford, a local Justice of the Peace from Brant, Norfolk and Haldimand and a Six Nations Police Constable are the panel members for the 'Legal Issues in Family Violence'. The Native Services Branch of the Children's Aid Society in Six Nations come to present 'The Role of C.A.S.' module. The training is unique as it is a combination of traditional teachings and mainstream perspectives and our partners help us to fulfill this.

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Last year we reached out the Band Representatives office to come and present what their role is. They presented the same evening as the local C.A.S. We will also continue to advertise to this training around the surrounding area as this training is not restricted to First Nations people. Six Nations is ideally located between Brantford and Hamilton and still within travelling distance from Niagara area, London area and Toronto. We know other community Social Workers can benefit from this training as the Six Nations population is spread out to these cities as well.

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We rely on the support of our community partners to assist us to facilitate 4 of the 14 modules. These sessions are 3 ½ hours long and we like to provide appreciation gifts for the partners that are presenting. We also rely on our community partners to refer their staff and many participate in the training as Native sensitivity training.
Ganohkwasra volunteers are utilized during the training to assist with preparation and set-up. This training is beyond the scope of lecture style training. The Ganohkwasra Counsellors creatively plan and facilitate a majority of the modules utilizing various therapeutic modalities such as Art & Play Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Sociometries and Visualization & Meditation. This is what makes our training unique.

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