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Just Move It

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The Just Move It initiative (JMI) originated on the Navajo Nation in 1993 as a partnership between the Indian Health Service and local Navajo communities. In 2005, JMI expanded to include American Indian and Alaskan Native communities across the United States to help showcase the many local promising practices happening in the promotion of physical activity. By making connections through a web based networking platform developed by the Healthy Native Communities Partnership, Inc. (HNCP), the spirit and impact of JMI is energized by individuals and community partners who access and share information that is useful in strengthening physical activity initiatives that work toward improving the health status of Indigenous Peoples. Today, JMI brings together the more than 370 Indigenous Communities in the United States who share what is working to help keep people moving. HNCP, the National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Health Board, the Indian Health Service are all partners in promoting JMI.
Success of JMI was noticed in Canada, and dialogue was initiated with a common goal of expanding the reach of JMI to benefit First Nations and Inuit communities. A partnership agreement between HNCP, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) has been finalized to make JMI available to Aboriginal populations in Canada. Leadership of the JMI believe international collaboration will strengthen connections among Indigenous brothers & sisters and provide communities and programs with creative ideas to address health, wellness and other concerns through physical activity promotion at the local, regional, and national levels.
Statistics show a link between physical activity, healthy lifestyles and chronic disease prevention and management. Recognizing that chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are affecting Indigenous peoples at staggering rates, JMI seeks to encourage physical activity as part of an individual and community lifestyle, and as an important element of wellness that can be utilized to help decrease rates of chronic diseases.
The cultural diversity among JMI partners who use the networking platform allows the sharing of multiple approaches to physical activity initiatives and provides a unique space to showcase traditional activities and practices that contribute to personal and community health and wellness. JMI builds and enhances positive relationships to inspire individuals and communities to embrace a natural reconnection between peoples by sharing success stories and positive role models in the community.
JMI is already making a difference. There is a growing database of participants and communities including “early adopters” in Canada. Empowerment is achieved from inclusiveness and everyone is encouraged to become a partner, regardless of nation or group.

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Just Move It

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First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

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JMI is highly successful physical activity initiative aimed at engaging indigenous communities & community programs in Canada & the US.

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JMI partners report increased awareness of PA promotion & program opportunities leading to action that have personal impacts on healthy behaviours. JMI creates awareness of current activities in PA programming & healthy behaviours & generates new knowledge. The platform allows connectivity & enhanced relationship. The initiative revives traditional PA by reconnecting people to their roots, cultural practices & traditional knowledge. The web community fosters belonging among Indigenous partners. It allows them to reconnect with cultural identity & learn from each other.JMI builds on Indigenous values of sharing & storytelling by providing a forum to exchange promising practices & tools. JMI captures and diffuses existing knowledge, data & focuses on community development.

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Increase awareness and adoption of JMI in Canadian Aboriginal communities

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JMI is recognized by the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. JMI partners inspire new members to sign up, take action, and promote the benefits of physical activity. Partners are champions at local, national and international levels, conduct workshops and present at conferences on health, wellness and PA. In Canada, the National JMI day is established in conjunction with JMI Day in the US. The event continues to showcase leadership and innovative practices, and honour/respect traditional practices and wisdom. JMI is a leader in the use of technology as a means to provide communication on issues of common interest, shared objectives, achievements and advancements. Leaders use learnings from JMI to inform decisions in communities, organizations and all levels of government.

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HNCP, AFN & ITK are the leadership for JMI Canada. AFN & ITK are grateful to HNCP and their network for the time and energy in sharing the JMI initiative. These organisations have co-created an agreement that describes how they will collaborate to ensure that the expansion of JMI in Canada will flourish in parallel with the growing success in US communities, while also meeting the cultural needs and expectations of Canadian Aboriginal communities. JMI Canada also recognises the support of NADA for their role in outreach, marketing & promotion, and Health Canada’s Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative for coordination of the partnership & start-up costs. The most important partnerships are the ones created at the community-level, between programs and PA leaders in support of healthy communities

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JMI initiative is established in the United States and the three partners will network collectively for the initiative to sustain and grow within Canada. JMI currently gets support from federal governments and National Aboriginal Organizations in both countries.

Support comes from individual communities, the regions to the national level as JMI demonstrates buy in at all levels. JMI has a positive influence in making change with excitability and inspiration. The JMI initiative, through success, helps to provide interest to promote sponsorship and funding. JMI is connected to a fellowship program, is successful and will continue to do outreach programming.

Describe the kinds of support you receive (other than money) or will need to support your idea or project (e.g.: donated, space, equipment and volunteers)

Support from:
•US and Canadian government under the MOU between Health Canada and the Indian Health Services;
•HNCP, for sharing vision, knowledge, infrastructure, expertise, and training;
•Sustia Inc. (IT development and support): IT expertise
•Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative: Coordination and to bring attention to Physical Activity;
•AFN & ITK: Ldership on the initiative, outreach, and day to day operations
•National Aboriginal Diabetes Association: marketing, promotional expertise;
•Early adopters:Health professionals/community workers/Champions/Olympians/sport & rec organizations;

Additional support will be needed for:
•Joint work planning;
•Ongoing web maintenance and development; and
•Outreach, promotion and promotional tools and materials.

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