Mi’kmaq Music, Songs and Stories for Babies

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Mi’kmaq Music, Songs and Stories for Babies

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Since 2002, the Read to Me! program has been providing a bag of books and reading resources to the family of every baby born in Nova Scotia. Since our launch we have given out almost 80,000 Read to Me! bags. The Read to Me! bag is delivered at the hospital bedside in all eleven Nova Scotian hospitals that provide maternity services. To honour the culture, and celebrate the language of the Mi’kmaq population in Nova Scotia, Read to Me! launched a Mi’kmaq version of the Read to Me! bag in 2009. The Mi’kmaq Read to Me! bag contains the first baby board book in the Mi'kmaq language “Weska’quelmut Apje’juanu” along with “Welcome Song for Baby” by First Nation’s writer Richard Van Camp and other reading resources for families. The Mi’kmaq bag was developed by an advisory committee composed of members of the Mi’kmaq community,including an elder. It celebrates the Mi’kmaq culture and helps to preserve the Mi’kmaq language by nurturing new generations of Mi’kmaq speakers. To enhance the bag and strengthen the impact of the Mi'kmaq language we would like to create a CD of Mi’kmaq music, songs and stories specifically for the Mi'kmaq Read to Me! bag.

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Mi'kmaq CD for Babies

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We want to enhance the Mi'kmaq bag with a CD of Mi’kmaq music, songs and stories to support literacy and nurture new generations of Mi’kmaq speakers.

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We feel that a CD of Mik’maq music, songs and stories in the Read to Me! bag will strengthen the literacy impact of the bag and help increase literacy levels. It will also encourage parents to talk, read and sing to their baby in Mi’kmaq.

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We hope to strengthen and enhance the Mi’kmaq Read to Me! bag with the inclusion of a CD of Mi’kmaq music, songs and stories.

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In five years we hope to have a new generation of Mi’kmaq children in Nova Scotia who have heard their own language spoken to them since birth.

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When creating the Read to Me! Mi’kmaq bag we worked with many partners across Nova Scotia including: Sister Dorothy Moore,Mi'kmaq Elder, Candy Palmeter, Mi’kmaq Liason officer N.S. Department of Education, Janet Pothier, Health Advisor, Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, and Mi’kmaq linguist Bernie Francis. The support of these partners helped to shape the resources in the Mi'kmaq Read to Me! bag to be culturally appropriate for the Mi'kmaq community in Nova Scotia.

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We wish to work once again with Mi'kmaq linguist and musician Bernie Francis on the spoken word and music content of the CD, as well as Kevin Burton at the First Nation’s Help Desk who has offered support with recording and we are also hoping to connect with many Mi’kmaq musicians and drummers.

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We will require access to a recording studio, studio time and technical support for the recording of the CD, as well as support for translation and the talent of Mi’kmaq musicians, drummers and storytellers.

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