Ojibway Language Books for Children

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Ojibway Language Books for Children

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Language, language, language! Who would’ve of thought that Language, a key
ingredient to any culture, would be a huge missing link? Well in our Anishinabe culture language is a major factor!I’m one of the examples of the generation that was silenced from our elders and they would never share the language with the youth. It wasn’t their fault nor am I placing blame on anyone but if we don’t act now, we will never be able to get our language back at full strength. Which is why I am so excited to graduate and finally put all my time and effort into my books. I’ve had so many good responses and positive feedback about my books and all of the ideas I want to create with them. The books range from birth to age five and consist of basic Ojibway language, example; doopawin(table), pabiwin(chair), and range in all different categories that include house hold items,numbers,clothing, and so on. I would also like to do these books in different types of materials that range from soft felts, cotton, and material thats safe for babies to chew on. I already have a brand name for my books and the collection is going to be called "Baby WayNa Books." I’m naming my books “Baby WayNa” because I believe we are all wayNa boozhus(Creator)children and all children reading these books will grow up trying to learn the anishinabe language and have a better understanding of their own cultural identity. This logo means that all children are faced in the path towards the future, and the road to knowledge is eternal, the path is never ending. I've completed four rough drafted books and I still am currently in the process of producing more books. Hopefully if these books start the process of being published within a few years,they will raise awareness about the lack of education when it comes to First Nations languages. The children benefit from the books but also do the parents when they are reading to their children and it becomes a double healing process that better educates ourselves in our own culture and not to be ashamed of who we are as anishinaabe people. I try to speak the language to my son everyday even if it only consists of a few words here and there but the fact that he can understand some words in Ojibwa already at aged 2 from reading my books makes me feel proud and it truly amazes me on how well he picks up the Ojibwa words more than he does English. This is the only way we are going to heal as first nations people and even if its only a small step towards a brighter future, eventually that step will turn into a milestone and begin the process of recovery.

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The need for my baby books is in HIGH DEMAND! We need to act now and get these books to every child that's being born in Canada to aboriginal decent to keep the language strong! I want to travel across Canada and give my books to every community, town and city to make them available resources for the Ojibway language. Please help me to get the word out about these baby books and further educate me in the business/marketing process of being a self-employed entrepreneur!

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My books offer one on one basic Ojibwa Language for children ages birth to four years! With categories that include food, clothes and numbers, children can learn the first main vocabulary of Ojibwa moo win. Things like apples, chairs, and tables with simple designs so that they can comprehend the images they see before them!
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My books make a difference because: - the children gain knowledge about their own cultural identity - the parents also learn from the children when reading the books to them in Ojibway - Canada can understand the language a lot more and accept the fact that this is who we are!
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First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

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Cultural and language program.

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Ojibwa Baby Books- Birth to Age 5- Basic Ojibwa Language shown in basic pictures of objects in Ojibwa Language.Book subjects include: numbers,colours,food,etc.

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If this project starts production, it will create jobs for many anishinaabe people in nearby reservations. I want to open up my business somewhere close to my area and hire the majority of my staff as anishinaabe employees. I also need help with distributing my books all over Canada and would also love to have connections within Canada to keep it as Canadian as I possibly can. This project will not only benefit our people but also the missing link that was lost in our own history. It would be so beautiful to see my generation all talking in harmony with our own langauge. I know it can happen but with every little help I get, I further myself along in reaching my goals.

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I hope to achieve mass production and every household that has a child owns my Ojibwa Books :)

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I believe within five years, the anishinaabe culture will slowly be making a come back and producing locally owned goods and trading within Canada. I would really like to see my books available at libraries, local grocery stores, at your local pow wows, colleges, and universities, the possibilities are endless! I'm also hoping to create anishinaabe baby fashion as well as accessories and maybe one day it will lead me to produce children's television shows in English/ Ojibway.

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The reason why I wanted to start creating Ojibwa Baby Books was because I wanted to teach my son Ojibwa words but could never find anything available for me to purchase that was local or convenient. It also frustrated me that every book thats available for children is either in English, French or Spanish. I'm also a student in the Fine Arts/Anishinaabemowin courses at my University and it finally clued in to me that why not make childrens books in Ojibwa, incorporate your artwork into the books and produce something that you love and will benefit everyone. All of my teachers seen my books that I put together and thought they were an amazing idea. There will always be children coming into this world everyday, and with these books, we can help them to know their own identity with language!

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My Ojibwa teacher Howard Webkamigad sure is a major influence on my idea because without him, I would not know the language thats processed in my books.

Eddie Benton-Banaise Bawdwaywudin- he's my teacher in anishinaabe social movements but also a major role model in my eyes. He has also created several childrens books about the history of our culture and published the famous "mishomis book."

I would also like to acknowledge Dawnis Kennedy for believing in my dreams about my passion to better educate our anishinaabe youth. She's amazing support and will help me in any cultural research I need.

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I need space roughly 20 feet by 20 feet just to have the available room to create and brainstorm. I need to produce atleast 10 good copy books before I go to any publishing agency, so I would need about 3 people to help me create these books completely. I would need materials like paper, fabrics, scissors, glues, stencils, etc to create the books for later publishing.

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