supporting our youth through rites of passage

supporting our youth through rites of passage

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Rites of passage is actually a retelling or rekindling of our Moontime teachings and visions questing. this project would help our communities come together to support the youth to become an integral part of the community. it would foster healthy attitudes towards self, community, culture, acadaemia, and society. these rites would also act as a way of connecting with ancestral roots, nature, and learning tradtional knowledge. our youth would be proud of their culture, themselves and their community. Currently there seems to be a rekindling and re-awakening of a thirst for this knowledge. The youth have been asking for this type of cultural reclamation that affirms them in who they are as members of the Aboriginal nations of our country.

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Aboriginal rites of passage will work with women to share moontime teachings and other womanly knowledge. male traditional knowledge will follow

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Aboriginal rites of passage will impact our communities through fostering healthy youth into adulthood. the rites of passage will support our youth in acknowledging and being proud of their Aboriginal nationhood and reclaiming our traditions and being assured of their place in society. this will give them the confidence and strength to challenge unhealthy behaviors, prevent possible gang involvement, reconnect with ancestral roots, nature, and have an "obligation to service to the larger community"(

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to create healthy community planning through the community's expectations of our youth during their rite of passage.

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to create healthy community through community development with the implementation of our youth as they graduate. Graduates will act as mentors for initiates, both graduates and initiates will have an "orientation to recognize that service to the community is an essential part of becoming a fully functioning adult in society" ( the community will come together to honor and celebrate their new adults and initiates.

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Grandmother Isabelle Meawasige and her non profit organization Grandmother's Lodge is involved. Isabelle carries wisdom and knowledge that will be integral to this process. there is also a circle of grandmothers that will be assisting and helping our youth: Grandmother Elaine Endanawas and Grandmother Nancy Myatt and Grandmother Dorothy Meness

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I am hoping to reach out to the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice - Promoting Community Practice for social benefit. as well as

both organizations deal with rites of passage as a framework for community interventions with youth

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other grandmothers and grandfathers and elders with traditional knowledge. land on which to have vision quests, fasting and sweatlodges and other ceremonies.

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