A.C.E (Aspiring towards Character Excellence) Youth Football League

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A.C.E (Aspiring towards Character Excellence) Youth Football League

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Using football as a means and medium to keep children and youth off the streets by developing a programme that has a strong foundation on positive youth development, character building and life-skills building. A strong on the process and the motivation to enjoy football and build character excellence, instead of striving purely on results and achievements. We also aspire to eventually make this football league a league run for youths, by youths (by grooming youths with character excellence to become facilitators, assistant coaches and character ambassadors). It will be run by a team of dedicated social workers acting as life coaches, in collaboration with various government bodies providing participants with unique experiences and innovative resources to help youths develop, grow and upgrade themselves so that they will be able to become assets in the community while engaging in football.

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Many at-risk children and youth have alot of free time but a lack of constructive activities. They need a platform and space to feel belonged and accepted, to learn and grow and be guided by nurturing social workers and role models. This football league attempts to accomplish this by laying our foundation with social work intervention and youth development elements. Many children and youth who participated in sports lose interest and motivation when the emphasis is on skills and results (achievements). therefore this league offers an alternative to being motivated and engaged in sports.

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It will be Singapore's first youth football league that lays its emphasis mainly on strong youth development and character building. It will be Singapore's first youth football league that aims to reach out to at-risk children and youths by providing them with a platform to engage in football while at the same time, go through a comprehensive programme where they will have the opportunities to be exposed to other areas of life-skills, youth development, character building and unique exposures that enrich their lives, build their inner resiliency, discover their strengths and potential as well as be groomed to become character ambassadors and contribute back to the community. A football soccer league for youths, by youths. It will not be run by football coaches but by social workers trained in youth work and life coaching. Each football team in the league will be managed by an appointed social worker who will not only engage participants in football but provide mentoring, life-coaching, processing and positive role modeling so as to groom and develop each player to his maximum. Being a football league with a social work flavour, we will be the first league to develop a creative approach to training and life-skills/character building. Our training packages will allow participants to learn and practice character building and positive values. While strategy and tactics remain important, the emphasis will be on teamwork, discipline and strong character instead. We also aspire to collaborate with community partners to allow players in the football league to be expose and undergo various unique and enriching experiences other than playing football. This includes engaging in community service, exploring career guidance, undergo health and wellness programmes, cultural exchanges and educational trips. Players with character excellence will be groomed to become ambassadors & be engaged in local & overseas exchange of their experience & sharing to new players.
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The participants of our football team has been with us for many years, and they remain motivated. We have also seen many youths who have build up strong and positive characters over the years as they assimilated into the positive culture and nurturing environment that we have built up.
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Students Care Service

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We have gained the interest of fellow youth organizations by sharing our idea to them in various networking platforms. We have also applied for government assistance to this project. We have also contacted various organizations to collaborate (i.e., internship, education, health) and explore giving players various exposures other than in football.


We aspire to start our inaugural league with 6 teams, gradually increasing to 10 teams. With recognition and results, we will be able to reach out to more children and youths, and gain sponsorship and funding for organizations who believe in the importance of character building in youths.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

The initial funding will be critical in ensuring that the project is successful. Without the belief and convinction of key stakeholders in providing funding for our purpose, we will not be able to kick this project off. In addition, selecting the right staff and having the right staff to train fellow Non-Profit Organizations youth workers to train their boys will be critical to the success of this project.

In the midst of running this football league for 3 years, we will also implement a sustainability plan and look towards unique aspects that can help us generate revenue to run this league without continued funding. this will help us to be self-running while maintaining the social meaning and social mission of our project. Players who have excelled will be groomed and offered to take up part-time jobs with the project, this can include being assistant facilitators, assistant coaches and back room staff.

We will also be embarking on a research department to be able to conduct research and studies on the impact of our work so that more key stakeholders may join us in contributing to the running of the football league.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Lack of funding, lack of support in the idea of grooming and developing at-risk children and youths

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Idea phase

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Students Care Service

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More than 5 years

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Collaboration in human resources and unique experieces other than monetary value is something that the ACE Youth Football league aspires to develop, hence such partnerships with corporate organizations, fellow NGOs and government bodies are very crucial.

It is only through the many hands approach that we are able to work together to come up with various exposures and capabilities that can maximize players' experiences.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Advocacy in the recognition of the importance of character-building in sports
2. Securing Funding
3. Scaling up of social workers to run this programme

The Story
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Players in our football team that shared with us their issues and problems that made us think and realize how much more we can do with these youths. their natural motivation towards playing football also allowed us to realize that we can add so many more crucial and ingenious elements into football other than just training

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