Amani Secondary Soccer School

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Amani Secondary Soccer School

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If parents at all can afford to send their children to secondary school, the quality of the educational programme and the means are poor.
Therefore the focus of this project is on secondary education for girls and boys.

Only recently, the last 10 years, there is global attention for African soccer talent. More and more top players present themselves to the world. However, until now this is limited to mainly West African talents. We tend to forget or take it for granted that also East Africa could be the birth nest of great soccer talents. There is no reason to assume there is no soccer talent in this part of Africa .
-Women soccer
There is a growing attention for women’s football. It was already very popular in the US and Germany, but nowadays more countries follow. In The Netherlands it is the most growing sport under young girls, encouraged by the success of their national team. Combined with fhe fact that school-leaving is occurring mostly under girls, it is wise to focus on their involvement as well.

In Amani (East-Usambara Mountains, North East Tanzania) there is an opportunity to combine both visions in one programme. The area is on 1000 meters (3000ft) altitude and therefore free from malaria and has enough rainfall (2000 cm) to keep the grass growing and green. Infrastructure is for a great deal available but needs improvements. It is possible to buy or lease accommodation for long term from the owner (Tanzania Government, i.c. the Amani Malaria Institute ). Even a soccer pitch is already in use.

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Less attention for Eastern Africa. Youth is very talented. See also

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Combination of secondary school en scouting for soccer talent in East Africa. Global attention is on the western part.
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Already many interested contacts. Need a start investment and link to football world.
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Amani Secondary Soccer School
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Amani Secondary Soccer School

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Dukaatstraat 8, 5237Na Den Bosch Netherlands

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Get football world interested. Get working relation with universities, educational academies, companies in western world (Netherlands as a start)


50-200 youth go to school.

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Commitment of institutes, companies and football club (s)

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Other parties under estimate the potential.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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, TN

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in short time: Tanzanian soccer academy

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1‐5 years

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But all those partnerships will have to be established.

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Partnership with football organization
Partnership with educational institute in Netherlands

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Seeing talent in 1987 already when Tanzania had no TV or other examples for the youth. Revisiting Tanzania in 2007 and seeing opportunities because buildings were vacated, led me to formulate this idea.

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Many examples in West AFrica.

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Through another organization or company

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Derdehelft Netherlands