Changing Lives Through Football

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Changing Lives Through Football

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My idea - as you know Azerbaijan well known as oil country. And here approximately everything depend on prices of oil. i mean in developing sphere - everything depend on oil. And now i want to show that new way of changing social level all countries. It is football.

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main problem is - believe of people. If we believ that we can help each other with this there is nothing will be stay. And for prove - every month this project will show monthly ranking table. Which they help to people in this month - all incomes and outcomes.

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my idea - i accounted that every week in england more than 200000 people spend their leisure time in football stadiums. And minimum ticket is 50 euro. If we count this - 200000X50=10000000 euro. it is the minimum cost f my idea. And it is more than money than we gaining from oil in our country. lets take 1% of 10000000 euro - 10000000/100=100000 euro every week from football tickets. If we put this money to foundation we can create very big fund . For future of country . Also can spend this money for refugees, poor people in Africa, Asia, for retirement or reconstroction of country and etc. If we lookad at to other countries same thing we can say for Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Scotland, Hetherland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey. This countries must appreciate their football incomes from tickets. And every society can live normal with football. It is more strong opportubity than oil (which govern world)
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i have impact to social level of country - to people - poor people , indigenious people . Also developing countries can help to poor countries with their ticket sales. because it is very percentage of whole sale. 1 percentage very little for developing countries. But they can balanced all world with football. And even people from poor countries can play football, attend foorball. Also if developing countries arrange this they can impact to future of football - by opnening football stadiums in non-developing countries. And developing of football in his countries may change all whole life of world, people. Also future football players will understand their duty front of new generation.
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Actions- first of all we should plan this project then advertise on media. to involve more people to stadium. After that we can collect first monthly income from ticket and start to help poor people . And show every step on Tv because of prove. with statistical table.


Results - now football impact to people. So it is the biggest idea of the world to help all people in the poor situation, war situation. Help to education, health , public, workers and . it will definitely improve whole level of life.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

1) plan this project and acting , contract deal with football clubs , with national football federations , with FIFA and UEFA.
2)Getting income and help to society, also to other countries.
3) Developing new ideas - opening new factories and new work staions with this money to improve level of life. and also help society with incomes from factories and etc. like circle

What would prevent your project from being a success?

To this project we need diligent, easy-going, confidental, trustable, normal people. Only people with cheating can prevent my poject to be succesfull.

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More than 10,000

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$50 - 100

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Operating for more than 5 years

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